Mammalian Genome December 2017

A 16.7 kb Deletion in Sipa1l3 is Associated with Juvenile Cataract in Mice

Lianna R. Walker, Emily R. Tosky, Kylee M. Sutton, Rhonda Griess, Marytza D. Abebe, Sarah Y. Barnes, Tom Cunnigham, Stephen D. Kachman, Merlyn K. Nielsen, Daniel C. Ciobanu. December 2017. A 16.7 kb deletion in Sipa1l3 is associated with juvenile cataract in miceMammalian Genome 28(11-12), pp. 515-519.

Lianna Walker is a graduate research assistant in animal science and works in the lab at the Nebraska Center for Virology. Emily Tosky is a graduate student in animal science. Kylee Sutton is a student worker animal science. Rhonda Griess is a microbiology teaching lab manager in biological sciences. Marytza Abebe is a student worker in animal science. Sarah Barnes is in the animal science department. Stephen Kachman is a professor of statistics. Merlyn Nielsen is a professor of animals science. Daniel Ciobanu is an associate professor of molecular genetics in the animal science department.

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