FBI provides information about foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment plans

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Posted August 3, 2020 by Tiffany Lee

On July 16, the FBI issued a public service announcement providing details about foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment plans. The document is now available on Research Compliance Services’ Foreign Influence and International Activities page.

Foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment plans target researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and even students with the aim of acquiring U.S.-funded scientific research. Participation in such programs can be risky for individual researchers, their institutions and the national interest. This is because the programs often seek to import or otherwise acquire proprietary technology or software, unpublished data and methods, and intellectual property from abroad – sometimes obtained through illicit means – to modernize the foreign nation’s military and grow its economy. Such programs may distort decisions about the appropriate use of taxpayer funds from granting agencies or the participant’s primary obligations to the university.

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