Faculty urged to encourage students to apply for National GEM Consortium fellowship

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Posted October 12, 2023 by Dan Moser

Faculty are urged to encourage their students and advisees to apply for a fellowship with the National GEM Consortium, which provides funding for students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees in STEM fields. 

Nov. 10 is the deadline to apply for a GEM fellowship this year.  

The consortium provides paid fellowships with industries in the applied science and engineering fields that match fellows’ specific skills. Many of those students go on to full-time employment with those industries after they receive their advanced degrees. 

UNL rejoined the National GEM Consortium in 2022 and named its first GEM fellow this year. The university is looking to grow the number of GEM Fellows.  

The National GEM Consortium seeks to increase participation of underrepresented students at the master’s and doctoral levels in engineering and science.  

Joy Eakin, entrepreneurship program manager with NUtech Ventures, said faculty who already are funding a student who fits into one of these groups should consider encouraging them to obtain a GEM fellowship, too. 

“This opportunity will allow them access to a national network of other STEM professionals, as well as industry experiences that will be invaluable to their skill-building and future career prospects,” Eakin said.  

More information is available from Alisha Hanshaw, assistant dean of graduate enrollment. 

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