Emergency preparedness template available

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Posted February 3, 2023 by Dan Moser

The Institutional Review Board has developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan Template for researchers to address human subjects research needs during an emergency.  

Following implementation of HRPP Policy 1.007, IRB developed the template to ensure sustainability of the Human Research Protection Program during emergencies, including dangerous weather, fire, power outage, cybersecurity threats and disease. The template is intended to assist research personnel in developing their own emergency preparedness plans to protect the health and safety of university personnel and human research subjects. The template also responds to Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs accreditation requirements around emergency preparedness planning. 

The template includes an emergency implementation contact list, specification of research portfolios, research personnel training and communications plans, action steps in case of an emergency and more. 

Contact irb@unl.edu with questions. 

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