DoD Furloughs of Civilian Employees

Letter from the Department of Defense on Furloughs Affecting Civilian Employees

The Department of Defense has re-evaluated its budgetary situation in light of the enactment of an appropriations bill for the Department. We have decided that we can reduce the number of civilian furlough days to no more than 14 days vice the 22 days originally planned. In light of that decision, we will delay issuing furlough proposal notices to civilian employees until early to mid-May, and furloughs would not begin until mid to late June. Unfortunately, given our current budgetary circumstances, we will still be forced to furlough most of our civilian workers for up to 14 days in order to execute a balanced reduction in the Department of Defense budget that both meets sequestration targets and minimizes the adverse effects on our mission. We still hope that Congress will pass a deficit reduction package that the President can sign that would permit a detriggering of sequestration. If that happens, we would move to end furlough plans.