Disclosure required for financial interests involving foreign institutions

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Posted October 24, 2018 by Ashley Washburn

The National Institutes of Health has provided guidance on when investigators should disclose financial conflict of interest information, especially as it applies to foreign financial interests.

NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-18-160 clarifies the reporting of Significant Financial Interests associated with foreign institutions of higher education. UNL’s Conflict of Interest FAQ webpage outlines what financial interests must be disclosed.

While investigators do not need to disclose certain financial interests received from U.S. institutions of higher education or federal, state or local government agencies, the exclusions do not apply to financial interests received from foreign institutions of higher education or the government of another country, including local, provincial or equivalent governments.

Nebraska investigators must disclose SFIs from these types of foreign institutions in their Interest and Outside Activity Reporting Form, known as IOARF, in NUgrant. All financial interests received from a foreign institution of higher education or the government of another country that meet the threshold for disclosure of an SFI must be disclosed.

For more on how to disclose or comply with conflicts of interest in research, visit the Research Compliance Services’ Conflict of Interest website.

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