Moving Innovations from Bench to Business

Graduate student Adan Redwine uses 3D printing equipment to create a neuron culture system.

Nebraska Innovation Campus, the university’s public-private research hub, has rapidly expanded since its 2010 founding. Now home to more than 55 partners, NIC created $372 million in economic impact and nearly 2,000 jobs in 2020. The growth of NIC, located adjacent to the university, has included the addition of assets that provide faculty, staff and… Continue reading Moving Innovations from Bench to Business

Turning Innovators into Entrepreneurs

Daniel Schachtman

Innovations are springing from labs and classrooms universitywide. To help launch these big ideas, NUtech Ventures hosts introductory entrepreneurship workshops. NUtech, Nebraska’s technology commercialization affiliate, and its partners provide training and mentorship to help turn innovations and business ideas into marketable products and services. The program, Nebraska Introduction to Customer Discovery, is modeled after the… Continue reading Turning Innovators into Entrepreneurs