2017-2018 Layman Awards recipients

News for Researchers

April 27, 2017

The Office of Research and Economic Development is supporting the following projects through its Layman Awards program, which funds work that enhances a researcher’s ability to obtain external funding to support prominent scholarship. There are two tracks: the Layman Seed Program, which funds new projects by non-tenured junior faculty, and the New Directions Program, which funds tenured faculty who are re-entering research or branching out in new directions.

  • Marc “John” Goodrich, special education and communication disorders, Development and Validation of a Semantic Primary Measure to Assess the Language Processing of Language-Minority Children
  • Elizabeth Niehaus, educational administration, If You Build It, Will They Learn? Exploring What Works in Short-term Study Abroad
  • Seung-Hyun Ro, biochemistry, Identification of Sestrin2-regulated Disease Biomarkers in Obesity-induced Colon Cancer
  • Jin Yeub Kim, economics, Unification of Cooperative and Noncooperative Game Theories
  • Melinda Yerka, agronomy and horticulture, Characterization of Genetic Incompatibility during Interspecific Cross-pollinations in Sorghum
  • Etsuko Moriyama, biological sciences, Development of Improved Genome Assembly Methods for Third-generation Sequencing Technology
  • Meredith Martin, Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools/educational psychology, Understanding Early Adolescents Coping with Peer Threat: Insecurity as a Risk Factor for Psychopathology
  • Min Namkung, child, youth and family studies/communications disorders, Enhancing Students with Math Difficulties Transition from Arithmetic to Algebra
  • Xinghui Sun, biochemistry, The Role of Long Non-coding RNA Mega3 in Regulating Endothelial Function
  • Elvira Abrica, child, youth and family studies/educational administration, STEM Pathways in the Community College: An Empirical Examination of How Community Colleges Broaden or Restrict the STEM Transfer Function
  • Amanda Thomas, child, youth and family studies/teaching, learning and teacher education, Examining Elementary Tea­chers’ Enactment of Digital Instructional Materials for Mathematics
  • Rodrigo Franco Cruz, veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences, Alterations in Brain Metabolism Induced by Drinking Water Contaminants
  • Prahalada Rao, mechanical and materials engineering, Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF) of Metal 3D Printed Parts
  • Changbum Ahn, architectural engineering and construction, Profiling Individual Risk Perception from Continuous Behavioral Measurement in the Construction Workplace
  • Yuguo Lei, chemical and biomolecular engineering, Novel Hydrogel for Stem Cell Culture
  • Kathy Chiou, psychology, EEG and fMRI Investigation of the Neural Mechanisms of Metacognition in Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Nathan Bicak, architecture, A Spatial Taxonomy and Best Practices Criteria for the Interior Design of Makerspaces
  • Jongwan Eun, civil engineering, A Framework of THMC/B-coupled Analysis for Greenhouse Gas Emission in a Bioreactor Landfill
  • Sathish Natarajan, nutrition and health sciences, Palmitoleate Protects 3-Hydroxy Fatty Acid-Induced Oxidative Stress and Lipoapoptosis in Primary Rat Hepatocytes and Primary Human Trophoblast Cells
  • Arthur (Trey) Andrews III, Institute for Ethnic Studies, Acceptability and Feasibility of a Novel PTSD Treatment that Reduces Service Barriers for Latino Immigrants
  • Anthony Adesemoye, West Central Research and Extension Center, Using Metabolomics to Decipher Mechanisms of Biological Control for Sustainable Management of Soilborne Diseases in Row Crop Production
  • Jinying Zhu, civil engineering, Evaluation of Stress Level in Concrete Using Acoustoelastic Effect
  • Luwen Zhang, biological sciences, Infection of Brain Cells by Zika Virus

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