Strategic planning process for achieving 2025 research goals

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In his Jan. 15 State of the University address, Chancellor Ronnie Green outlined a set of ambitious research goals to be achieved by 2025, including $450 million in research expenditures and expanded research and internship opportunities for students and postdoctoral fellows.

As a first step toward achieving these goals, the Office of Research and Economic Development is launching a campuswide strategic planning process that kicks off with a series of listening sessions in February and March. Each section below lists a focus of one of the sessions. We invite feedback from the campus research community related to any and all of these topics, regardless of which, if any, of the sessions you plan to attend or attended in person. You need only respond to sections for which you have feedback.

Thanks for participating - your efforts will help guide the university's direction in research, scholarship, creative activity and economic development over the next six years.

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N150 goals: What are we trying to achieve, and how will research, scholarship and creative activity play a role?

Current challenges and barriers: What are the challenges and barriers you see or experience that hinder success in research, scholarship and creative activity?

Human capital and infrastructure needs: What university needs must be addressed in order to meet our collective research, scholarship and creative activity goals?

Research training and development programs: What opportunities and programs would you like to see ORED sponsor for research training and development?

Networking and Team Building Opportunities: What types of networking and team building opportunities would be helpful to you?

Industry Research Collaborations and Technology Commercialization: How can we help facilitate collaborations with industry and assist with technology commercialization efforts?

Internal Funding Opportunities and Access to Resources: How can ORED most strategically invest resources to accomplish our research and economic development goals?

Interdisciplinary Research Centers and Shared Resource Facilities: How do we best support interdisciplinary research centers and enable access to shared resources and facilities?

General Feedback and Suggestions: We welcome your comments on topics not covered above

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