Top Sponsored Awards, November 2023

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Posted January 4, 2024 by Dan Moser

The following list of awards from public entities includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more between Oct. 16 and Nov. 15, 2023, as reported through NuRamp, the university’s electronic research administration system. 

Center for Great Plains Studies 
M. Jacobs 
The Cotyledon Fund 
The Land Returns: A Reconciliation Rising Film 
Community and Regional Planning Program 
Z. Tang, Y. Nam 
Nebraska Department of Economic Development 
Disaster Risk Awareness and Housing Resilience Planning for the HUD-MID areas in Nebraska 

Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute 
N. Lefore, N. Brozovic, P. McCornick, C. Neale, R. Rimsaite
Agency for International Development 
USAID Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Irrigation and Mechanization Systems 

Department of Agricultural Economics/Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 1/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 10/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 2/Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 3/Panhandle Research and Extension Center 
C. Narjes, J. Bright, M. Emery, J. Grummert Rasmussen, C. Houlden, S. Kaskie, M. Milligan, M. Schlake, J. Tuller, J. Westra 
U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Business-Cooperative Service
Increasing Rural Prosperity through Cooperative Development 
Department of Agronomy and Horticulture 
K. Todd, T. James, C. Stephenson 
USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service 
Backyard Farmer: The Hub of Urban Gardening and Conservation 
Department of Food Science and Technology/Department of Animal Science 
M. Danao, J. Baumert, K. Majumder, G. Sullivan 
USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture
High Pressure Processing (HPP) Equipment to Enhance Research and Extension Activities on Food Safety and Value Added Food Processing 
Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences 
M. Hopkins, M. Butler 
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services 
Nebraska Collegiate Prevention Alliance American Rescue Plan FY24 
Department of Physics and Astronomy 
K. Belashchenko 
Purdue University 
DMREF: GOALI: Designing Materials for Next-generation Spintronic Devices 
Department of Political Science 
I. Haas, G. Lorenz, R. Mehta 
Carnegie Corporation of New York 
The Nuclear Option: Party Competition and Nuclear Decision-Making 
Department of Psychology/Department of Women’s and Gender Studies 
B. Brock, D. DiLillo, K. Holland, D. Hope 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Experiences of Rural Sexual and Gender Minority Couples: Does Alcohol Use Explain the Link Between Minority Stress and Intimate Partner Discord and Violence 
Department of Sociology 
E. Kazyak 
National Science Foundation 
Collaborative Research: Navigating Change in Intergenerational Family Relationships: Cohort, Age, and Family Role in the Case of Sexual Minority Families 
Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders/Rural Drug Addiction Research Center 
M. Hughes, P. Habecker 
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 
Characterizing the Effects of Chronic Substance Misuse on Auditory and Vestibular Function 

Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film 
T. Ganser 
Pace Woods Foundation 
Nebraska Repertory Theatre Season 2023-2024 Operational Support 

Midwest Roadside Safety Facility/Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
R. Faller, R. Bielenberg, J. Hu, S. Rosenbaugh, J. Steelman 
Florida International University 
Development of Non-proprietary Prefabricated Solutions for Concrete Barrier Systems for Accelerated Bridge Construction 
Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 8 
T. Hibbeler 
The Hoop of Learning Program 
Nebraska Extension Engagement Zone 8/Department of Agronomy and Horticulture 
T. Hibbeler, S. Adams, T. James 
USDA-Rural Development 
The Umonhon Nation Hydroponics Agricultural Economic Development Program Stage 2-Omaha Tribal Hydroponics Business Incubator Training 
Panhandle Research and Extension Center/Department of Biological Systems Engineering 
W. Liang, X. Qiao 
Florida A&M University 
Beginnings: Experiential Learning on Digital Agriculture and Plant Phenotyping Technologies (DAPPT) 
School of Biological Sciences/Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/School of Computing 
C. Zhang, H. Walia, B. Yu, H. Yu 
Department of Energy 
Develop software tools for the integration of genotype-specific RNA-splicing variants, microexon alternative splicing, and phenotypic variation in plant populations 
School of Computing/Department of Animal Science/Department of Biological Systems Engineering 
S. Nie, Y. Xiong 
Broadband Connectivity For Rural Communications And Smart Livestock Management 
School of Computing/Department of Physics and Astronomy 
D. Weitzel, K. Bloom 
Princeton University 
Institute for Research and Innovation in Software for High Energy Physics (IRIS-HEP) 
School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 
D. Loy 
Colorado State University 
2023 ARP Funding for the Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center 

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