Vice Chancellor for Research – Faculty Travel Awards

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development will consider faculty requests for travel awards to help defray the costs of travel to external funding agencies.
To enhance the competitiveness of research proposals by facilitating interaction with prospective sponsors.

July 15, 2003

Instructions for Travel Reimbursement from the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development:
After faculty complete their travel they should:

  1. Complete the standard Employee Expense Voucher (EEV) and charge the portion of their travel to be reimbursed by the vice chancellor for research and economic development to a departmental RIF (Research Incentive Fund; also known as F&A, return of indirect, or return of overhead) cost center ending in a -4XXX suffix.
  2. Send the original EEV plus supporting documentation to Accounting as normal so that the faculty member can be reimbursed personally.
  3. Submit a copy of the EEV (we do not need the supporting documentation) to 301 Admin, CC 0433. Please include a printout from SAP of any direct charges (e.g., for airfare) and a copy of the signed Faculty Travel Award document or a brief note requesting reimbursement for travel that has been previously approved under the Faculty Travel Awards Program.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development will make a budget transfer to reimburse the department using the RIF cost center identified on the EEV for the agreed-upon portion of travel expenses.

Note: Due to new reporting requirements, we are only able to make budget transfers for our portion of travel expenses to RIF cost centers. Please charge travel expenses accordingly. If you have any questions about the budget transfer process, please call Becky Zavala at 472-0735

Application for Faculty Travel Awards from the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development