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Larkins Leads Life Sciences

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Brian Larkins, a leading plant scientist and molecular biology pioneer, is UNL’s first associate vice chancellor for life sciences. He leads the Life Sciences Initiative, a priority effort to create a comprehensive and collaborative life sciences program. A Nebraska native who earned his bachelor’s and doctoral degrees at UNL, Larkins came from the University of Arizona, where he led a renowned research lab and held administrative roles. In 2007-2008 he took leave from Arizona to serve as UNL associate vice chancellor for research, focused on life sciences. Larkins said he returned to UNL in 2012 to finish what he started. A National Academy of Sciences member, Larkins holds the John F. Davidson, Ph.D., and Marian J. Fuller, Ph.D., Chair in Life Sciences. His research on the nutritional quality of corn and other cereal grains led to scientific advances, including new molecular biology techniques and a broader understanding of the molecular mechanisms regulating seed development and protein production in corn seeds.

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