Life Sciences Annex and Manter Hall Service Centers

IACP manages the UNL Life Sciences Annex (LScA) located on East Campus and Manter Hall located on City Campus.

The LScA facility is designed to accommodate both large agricultural animals and laboratory animals at a BSL-2 level. This facility contains imaging modalities, a surgery suite, a necropsy room and procedure rooms, as well as the Biomedical and Obesity Research Core (BORC).

Biocontainment Lab is designed to accommodate benchtop and laboratory animals at BSL-3 level. This lab contains carbon dioxide incubators, Quant Studio 5 PCR, centrifuges, and other equipment for BSL-3 needs.

Manter Hall is designed to accommodate traditional laboratory animals at a BSL-1 level.

Daily care of animals at both facilities is provided by IACP staff. Health care is provided by the IACP veterinarians and IACP veterinary technician staff.

Technical Support

The IACP staff provides assistance with tissue and blood collection, anesthesia machine assistance, surgical support, staff training, animal transportation and many more procedures.

Available imaging equipment includes digital x-ray, Micro CT, Bruker minispec, PEARL® imager, and other specialized equipment available through the BORC center. MRI services can be arranged through the IACP office.

Other equipment is available, such as surgical microscopes, Physiosuite®, sterotactic equipment, gnotobiotic isolators, autoclave services, biosafety cabinets, etc.

The IACP works closely with the university’s Veterinary Diagnostic Center and collaborates with UNMC.

Scheduled use of facilities and services is arranged through the IACP office. Please contact Kelly Heath,, to discuss your specific requests for research animal housing, surgery and related needs.