The IACUC Application to Use Animals Form (AUAF) must be filled out and submitted via NUgrant for review and approval of all animal research, teaching and extension projects. In addition, all UNL employees who plan to come in contact with animals must complete and submit the Occupational Health and Safety Program form, and every person working on an animal project must fill out the Training Documentation Form (TDF). These forms and the other frequently used forms previously found at this site have also been moved to NUgrant. These include the AUAF Modification Form, Annual Review Form, and the Project Veterinary Care Form. The following link will take you to NUgrant for access:

Forms Available in NUgrant

Application to Use Animals Form (AUAF)

Training Documentation Form (TDF)

Unexpected Adverse Event Report Form

AUAF Modification Form

Annual Review Form

Project Veterinary Care form

Other Forms

Non-approved vendor request

Animal Material Use Form

Animal Room Daily Care Sheet

Facility Access Request Form

Food or Fluid Intake Record

Special Events Form

Unexpected Adverse Event Report Form

Occupational Health and Safety (Download, complete, sign, save, and mail to the address on the form. Eventually this form will be available only through NUgrant.)

LSA Animal Order Form