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Drones Could Help Fight Fire with Fire

Imagine sending drones instead of people into dangerous wildfire management situations. UNL researchers are developing fire-starting drones that could change how wildfires are fought and aid prescribed burns that rejuvenate prairies and quell invasive trees that threaten grasslands. Team leaders Sebastian Elbaum and Carrick Detweiler, UNL computer scientists and drone experts, envision their technology someday […]

Prospecting with Biosensors at Home or in the Field

Prospecting – whether for gold in a mountain or lead in a city’s water supply – may one day be as quick and easy as a litmus test. UNL chemist Rebecca Lai is developing a series of hand-held biosensors to detect a variety of metals, including gold, silver, lead, platinum and mercury. Instead of sending […]

System Helps Diagnose, Treat Brain Damage

. . . . Even slight movements of the face, mouth and fingers can yield insights into the brain that controls them. The ability to precisely measure the muscle forces driving those movements could improve diagnosis and treatment of nervous system maladies ranging from stroke and traumatic brain injuries to Parkinson’s disease and autism. Steven […]