Award Opportunities

There are many types of awards available depending on your work and contributions. For example, professional societies and associations sponsor discipline-based awards and honors from early career to lifetime achievement. We value all awards and provide assistance with pursuit of a wide range of teaching, research, and service honors. Below are links to resources, including lists of national awards important in your fields and disciplines.

National Research Council-Recognized Awards

The National Research Council (NRC) maintains award lists composed of more than 1,300 accolades that cover a range of disciplinary areas in four categories (Arts and Humanities; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences and Engineering; Social and Behavioral Sciences as listed on the links). The lists of individual awards in each area can be found here. These lists identify research/scholarship awards, prestigious fellowships, and memberships in honorary societies.

Internal Award Information

UNL and the University of Nebraska system both sponsor annual awards for faculty. More information on these awards can be found at the links outlined below.