Undergraduate Poster Session and Creative Exhibition

Undergraduate Poster Session and Creative Exhibition

Nebraska Union — Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Undergraduate Student Research Poster Session and the Undergraduate Student Creative Exhibition provide undergraduate students the chance to showcase their research or creative activity, to communicate their results to others, and to learn about other areas of research and creative activity.

Students do not have to be in UCARE to present; all undergraduates are welcome.


Register to Participate
See form for registration deadline. Students registered before this deadline will be included in the booklet.

Space is limited for poster presentations; if registrations exceed capacity preference will be given to juniors and seniors. You will be notified by Monday, March 13, whether your poster has been accepted for presentation.

Communications regarding the conference will take place via the email address you provide when you register. The emails will go to a large number of participants so be prepared to check your “junk” or “bulk” mail boxes.

Schedule for April 4

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Set up.

3:30 PM to 5:00 PM
Exhibits are open. Plan to be with your poster or creative exhibit during this time.

Poster and creative exhibition competition

The university Colleges, in conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate Research, will host an awards competition that will provide students whose research poster or creative exhibit is deemed outstanding by judges a $250 award.

Judges will review posters electronically prior to the poster session. At the event, judges will visit your poster or exhibit and you’ll present your research or creative activity then. Your attendance at the poster session or creative exhibit is required for participation in the competition.

Send us your poster

Email an electronic version of your poster (PDF strongly preferred) to Justina Clark by Friday, March 24. This is also the due date for posters to be submitted to the Pixel Lab.

  • Posters emailed after March 24 will not be considered for the competition.
  • Students who register a creative exhibit will be contacted directly to discuss options for early viewing.
  • Winners will be notified on Tuesday, April 11 and announced through UNL Today.


Posters will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Content and design
    • Organization
    • Balance
    • Conciseness
    • Aesthetics
  • Presentation to judges at the poster session
    • Coherency
    • Credibility
    • Effective communication
    • Enthusiasm

College Awards

  • Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources: 4 $250 awards
  • Architecture: 1 $250 award
  • Arts and Sciences: 6 $250 awards
  • Business Administration: 1 $250 award
  • Education and Human Sciences: 4 $250 awards
  • Engineering: 4 $250 awards
  • Hixon-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts: 2 $250 awards
  • Journalism and Mass Communication: 2 $250 awards

Preparing for the event

Posters should be based on research or creative activity you’ve engaged in significantly during the past year. Standards of the entries are expected to be at the level that is common at regional and national discipline meetings. Discuss these expectations with your faculty mentor.

Creative exhibitions may include video or visual art exhibits. We will have an assortment of display options including flat screen TVs, tables, easels, etc. After registration, Justina Clark will contact you directly to discuss your display needs and available options.

Questions regarding the content and development of your specific poster or creative exhibit should be addressed to your faculty sponsor. Direct any other questions to the UCARE Office at ucare@unl.edu.


For pointers on creating a research poster and presenting your research, register for the applicable workshops:

Poster guidelines and tips

See Poster Guidelines and Templates for:

  • Tips and details for preparing your poster
  • Costs and deadlines for printing at the Pixel Lab
  • Requirements for printed posters (max. 40″ by 48″)

After you register, UCARE will contact you about how to display your poster.

Day of the event

Wear business casual: a nice pair of slacks or khakis and a button down shirt or blouse. Plan to dress a step up from jeans, a T-shirt, and sneakers.

Be at your assigned space during the designated time to discuss the work presented. If you cannot remain the entire time, we will take your poster down and you may pick it up in the UCARE Office in Love Library South 127A. You are responsible for making arrangements should they be necessary.

Greet people who walk by and ask them if they have questions.

  • People will often come to you and say, “Tell me about your research in 1 minute,” so have a brief statement about your research in mind.
  • You can also have a handout of supplemental materials or a reduced version of your poster on 8.5″ x 11″ paper.