2017 Graduate Poster Session Award Winners

2017 Graduate Poster Session Award Winners

The 2017 UNL Spring Graduate Research and Creative Activities Poster Session featured over 160 graduate research posters from across the University.

The poster competition involved over 40 faculty and postdoc reviewers who rated student posters on the basis of their research scholarship. The top posters, representing student work and research from the Arts and Humanities, Education, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Agricultural and Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, will receive a $400 travel grant to present their research at a regional or national conference.

On behalf of the Office of Research and Economic Development and the Office of Graduate Studies, congratulations to our winners:

  • Jennifer Andersen, master’s student, Department of Sociology
    Does Insulin Therapy Matter? Social Determinants of Diabetes Care Outcomes
  • Gretchen Bergquist, doctoral student, Communication Studies
    Investigating Layers of Identity and Identity Gaps in Refugee Resettlement Experiences in the Midwestern United States
  • Nikita Gambhir, doctoral student, Plant Pathology
    Whole Genome Sequencing for Analysis of Fungicide-Exposed Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
  • Aileen Garcia, doctoral student, Child, Youth and Family Studies
    Predictors and Socio-Emotional Outcomes of Parental Involvement Among Low-Income Families
  • Erome Daniel Hankore, doctoral student, Department of Chemistry
    Biosynthesis of Ethylene Glycol
  • Junpyo Park, doctoral student, Department of Economics
    Crop Choice and Proximity to Ethanol Plants
  • Hanh Phan, doctoral student, Department of Civil Engineering
    Adsorption and Decontamination of Alpha-Synuclein from Medically and Environmentally-Relevant Surfaces
  • Jose Santos, doctoral student, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Physiologically-Aware Communication Architecture for Transmission of Biomedical Signals in BASNs for Emerging IoT Applications
  • Lauren Segal, doctoral student, Plant Pathology
    The Magnaporthe oryzae RSR1 Gene Regulates Fungal Antioxidation and is Essential for Host ROS Neutralization During Rice Cell Invasion
  • Iren Tete, masters student, Department of Art and Art History
    Deconstructing Ideas of Utility through the Making of Ceramic Vessels
  • Anne Thomas, doctoral student, Special Education and Communication Disorders
    Assessing Parent-Examiner Agreement on Judgments of Infant Vocal Behaviors
  • Dihua Xue, masters student, Department of Chemistry
    Applying Innovation Diffusion Model to Characterize STEM Faculty Attending Professional Development Programs

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