The Office of Proposal Development’s mission is to increase UNL faculty and staff success in securing external funding for research, scholarship and creative activity. We collaborate with individual proposers, small teams and large teams on any externally sponsored UNL-led proposal. We encourage interested proposers to contact us as early as possible so we can tailor our services to best serve their needs.

Office of Proposal Development Services

Tier I
Quick turnaround, single line edit
Tier II
Strategic guidance and detailed narrative feedback
Tier III
Comprehensive proposal development assistance
Tier IV
Comprehensive support for large multi-institutional and/or center-scale proposals
Initial Consultation
Meet with proposers to discuss needs, define roles and responsibilities and establish expectations.
(Required) (Required) (Required)
Proposal Outline and Checklist
Create checklists of required components, narrative outlines and document templates (e.g., letters, biographical sketches).
Proposal Development Timeline
Work with proposers to set key strategic milestones for the proposal development process.
Research Impacts Consultation
Connect with experts to develop research impacts activities and bolster research impacts communication in proposal narratives.
Program Officer Engagement
Support proposers in maximizing meetings with funding agency representatives.
Narrative Editing
Review and edit grant proposals to meet sponsor guidelines and improve proposal narrative competitiveness.
(1 round) (2 rounds) (Up to 3 rounds) (Up to 3 rounds)
Ancillary Document Review
Edit ancillary documents (e.g., facilities documents, data management plans) to ensure they comply with sponsor guidelines.
Expert External Review
Arrange for subject matter feedback on a draft proposal prior to submission. Allow a minimum of six weeks for completion.
Customized Proposal Management
Provide proposal-related project management (e.g., personnel document collection and review, team coordination).
Red Team Review
Convene a group with relevant expertise to provide comprehensive, critical feedback on a draft proposal.

How to Get Started

For proposal narrative assistance


To maximize the availability of services associated with each tier, reach out as early as possible. We’re happy to have an initial consultation to explore how we can best collaborate, even if the solicitation has not yet been released.

For proposal budget, routing and submission assistance


Working with these pre-award grant coordinators is required for proposal submission.

Other Supports

The Office of Proposal Development can facilitate connections with other UNL proposal development and grants management services. Contacts are listed below, or let us know if you would like us to connect you.

For assistance withContact
Data management planData Services Librarian, UNL Libraries
Evaluation and assessmentMethodology and Evaluation Research Core Facility Contact Office of Proposal Development staff for referrals to evaluators external to UNL
Industry partnersIndustry Relations, UNL ORED
IRB and IACUC approvalResearch Responsibility, UNL ORED
Patent search and licensingNUtech Ventures, UNL ORED
Research impact plans and partnersJocelyn Bosley, research impact coordinator, UNL ORED