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Below are the current funding opportunities.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
NIOSH Support for Conferences and Scientific Meetings (U13)

The purpose of this program is to support high quality and impact scientific conferences/meetings that are relevant to NIOSH’s scientific mission, program priorities, and to the public health. The mission of NIOSH is to generate new knowledge in the field of occupational safety and health and to transfer that knowledge into practice for the betterment of workers.

Standard application dates apply. See solicitation for details.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The CDC Cancer Genomics Program: Translating Research into Public Health Practice
Application Deadline: April 15, 2019
This program addresses the utilization of cancer genetic services as a strategy for cancer prevention and control. The primary outcomes of this opportunity are to increase screening of cancer family history and to increase the use of genetic counseling and testing for hereditary cancer syndromes.
Cornell University Library
Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grants
Application Deadline: March 31, 2019
These grants support travel to conduct research on sexuality with sources in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections at the Cornell University Library.
Department of Energy
Continuation for the Solicitation of the Office of Science Financial Assistance Program
The Office of Science of the Department of Energy hereby announces its continuing interest in receiving grant applications for support of work in the following program areas: Advanced Scientific Computing Research, Basic Energy Sciences, Biological and Environmental Research, Fusion Energy Sciences, High Energy Physics, and Nuclear Physics. This opportunity is a broad, open solicitation that covers all of the research areas in the Office of Science and is open throughout the Fiscal Year.
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Agriculture and Rural Development

Acer Access and Development Program
Application Deadline: May 10, 2019
This program supports the efforts of states, tribal governments and research institutions to promote the domestic maple syrup industry.
AFRI: Foundational and Applied Science Program
The AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program supports grants in six AFRI priority areas to advance knowledge in both fundamental and applied sciences important to agriculture. The six priority areas are: Plant Health and Production and Plant Products; Animal Health and Production and Animal Products; Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health; Bioenergy, Natural Resources, and Environment; Agriculture Systems and Technology; and Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities. Research-only, extension-only, and integrated research, education and/or extension projects are solicited.

Deadline dates vary. See solicitation for details.
Application Deadline: March 22, 2019
This program supports projects between State Cooperative Extension System and private, non-profit disability organizations who work in partnership to provide agricultural education and assistance directed at accommodating disability in farm operations for individuals with disabilities, and their families, who engage in farming and farm-related occupations.
Alfalfa and Forage Research Program
Application Deadline: April 5, 2019
This program supports region-based, integrated research and extension projects to expand the use and acreage of alfalfa through increased alfalfa forage or seed yields, forage quality, and profitability.
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Arts and Humanities

American Music Therapy Association
Arthur Flagler Fultz Research Award
Application Deadline: May 3, 2019
This award program is designed to encourage, promote, and fund music therapy research and/or conduct research on new and innovative music therapy treatments. To be eligible, the project's primary investigator must be an American Music Therapy Association member in good standing.
Art Omi
Translation Lab
Application Deadline: July 15, 2019
This program will provide a 12-day special, intensive residency for four collaborating writer-translator teams. This focused residency will provide an integral stage of refinement, allowing translators to dialogue with the writers about text-specific questions. It will also serve as an essential community-builder for English-language translators who are working to increase the amount of international literature available to English-language readers. All text-based projects - fiction, nonfiction, theater, film, poetry, etc. - are eligible. The dates for the Translation Lab are November 5-16, 2019. 
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Application Deadline: May 17, 2019
This program supports residencies of at least eight weeks in the Bemis Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Residents enjoy generously sized, private live/work studios and access to center facilities.
Carl and Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation
Grants for Organizations
This program supports academic programs, exhibitions, lectures, symposia, and publications that provide promising new insights into the fields of art that the foundation collects (i.e., digital and electronic art, Japanese bamboo, post-war painting and sculpture, and Spanish colonial). Required letters of inquiry are due March 29, 2019.
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AIDS Research Center on Mental Health and HIV/AIDS (P30 Clinical Trial Optional)
The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Division of AIDS Research encourages applications for Center Core grants (P30) to support an HIV/AIDS Research Center (ARC). The ARC is intended to provide infrastructural support that facilitates the development of high impact science in HIV/AIDS and mental health that is relevant to the NIMH mission. This FOA intends to support innovative, interdisciplinary research in several areas, including basic, neurological (i.e., neuro-HIV), behavioral and social, integrated biobehavioral, applied, clinical, translational, and implementation science. 

Applications are due September 11, 2018; September 11, 2019; and September 11, 2020
Center of Excellence for Research on Complementary and Integrative Health (P01)
This announcement encourages the submission of applications that requires multi-project, synergistic collaboration between outstanding scientists that blends multiple research approaches by multi-disciplinary research teams. This Center of Excellence for Research on Complementary and Integrative Health (CERCIH) program is designed to support three or more highly meritorious projects that can offer significant scientific advantages and "synergy" that could not be achieved by supporting the same projects as individual research grants. Each CERCIH must be focused on questions of high relevance to the mission of NCCIH.

Standard application dates apply. See solicitation for details.
Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science (RM1)
The Centers of Excellence in Genomic Science program establishes academic Centers for advanced genome research.

Application dates vary. See solicitation for details.
Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (CounterACT) Research Centers of Excellence (U54 - Clinical Trial Optional)
This announcement encourages applications for Countermeasures Against Chemical Threats (CounterACT) Research Centers of Excellence. The mission of the CounterACT program is to foster and support research and development of new and improved therapeutics for chemical threats. 

Application dates vary. See solicitation for details.
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Conservation and the Environment

Department of the Interior
BLM National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP) Primary Announcement
Application Deadline: May 16, 2019
The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeks applications that provide sound scientific studies to support the land management agencies and other stakeholders in addressing issues associated with wildland fire.
Surdna Foundation
Sustainable Environments Program
The Sustainable Environments Program supports the creation of just and sustainable communities in which low-wealth and communities of color have the power to self-determine the ownership, control, and stewardship of land and its infrastructure assets. Letters of inquiry are accepted on a rolling basis.


Department of Defense
AFRL Space Vehicles and Directed Energy University Assistance Instruments
Application Deadline: December 19, 2023
This program funds directed energy  and space vehicles-related basic, applied, and advanced research projects that are of interest to the Department of Defense. The scope of the research will include the entire spectrum of SV and RD technology that is applicable to the Air Force, including all peripherally-related space vehicle and directed energy research.
Department of Defense
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research, Therapeutic Idea Award
Application Deadline: July 25, 2019
The Therapeutic Idea Award is designed to promote new ideas aimed at drug or treatment discovery that are still in the early stages of development.
Department of Defense
Breast Cancer Research Program
Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP) is currently accepting applications for six award mechanisms: Breakthrough Award Levels 1 to 4, Breakthrough Fellowship Award, Distinguished Investigator Award, Era of Hope Scholar Award, and Innovator Award. The BCRP challenges the scientific community to design research that will address the urgency of ending breast cancer. Specifically, the BCRP seeks to accelerate high-impact research with clinical relevance, encourage innovation and stimulate creativity, and facilitate productive collaborations. Pre-applications are required. Deadlines vary by award mechanism.
Department of Defense
Combat Casualty Care - Multi-Domain Lifesaving Trauma Innovations Award
Application Deadline: May 29, 2019
Research and development funded through this Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) is intended and expected to benefit and inform both military and civilian medical practice and knowledge. Projects funded under this BAA must be for applied and clinical research (including clinical trials) not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement. Projects must be for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state of the art or increasing knowledge or understanding rather than focusing on a specific system or hardware solution. Pre-applications are required and due March 5, 2019.
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Education and Outreach

Blue Cross and Blues Shield of Nebraska
Grant Programs
Several grant opportunities that support organizations and programs impacting health and wellness, human services, education, and diversity and inclusion across the state of Nebraska are available. These grant opportunities include:
  • General Giving Grants, which are focused on sponsorships and smaller program requests below $5,000. Applications are accepted quarterly on December 3, 2018; February 25, 2019; June 3, 2019; and September 9, 2019.
  • Fearless Grants, which support innovative and creative work across the state through larger requests of over $5,000. Applications are due January 28, 2019.
  • Active Event Grants, which support sponsorships of Omaha and Lincoln-area walks, runs, and bikes. Applications are due October 29, 2018.
Department of Education
Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program
Application Deadline: March 25, 2019
This program provides grants to support overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area studies for teachers, students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor. Projects may be short-term (i.e., short-term seminars, curriculum development, or group research or study) or long-term (i.e., advanced intensive language programs).
Department of Transportation
National Summer Transportation Institute
The National Summer Transportation Institute Program creates awareness and stimulates interest in middle and high school students about educational and career opportunities in transportation. 

This is a multiyear solicitation for FY 2018 thru FY 2020. The closing date each year will be as promulgated by the applicable State's Federal Highway Administration Division Office for each State or Territory, but no later than the 1st business day after November 30th.
Cancer Research Education Grants Program - Courses for Skills Development (R25)
The goal of this NCI R25 program is to support educational activities that complement and/or enhance the training of a workforce to meet the nations biomedical, behavioral and clinical research needs. This announcement will support creative educational activities with a primary focus on Courses for Skills Development. Applications are encouraged that propose innovative, state-of-the-art programs that address the cause, diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of cancer; rehabilitation from cancer; or the continuing care of cancer patients and the families of cancer patients.

Standard and AIDS application dates apply. See solicitation for details.
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Engineering and Technology

Department of Defense
Nuclear Command, Control and Communication
The Air Force Research Laboratory is soliciting white papers under this Broad Agency Announcement for research, development, integration, test and evaluation of technologies/techniques to advance the state of the art of the Air Force's nuclear command, control and communication capabilities. White papers will be accepted until September 30, 2020. Recommended due dates are March 1 of each fiscal year.
Department of Energy
American-Made Solar Prize
This program seeks applications that intend to accelerate the development of technologies and solutions that will advance the solar industry; enable rapid prototyping of ground-breaking solar solutions and prove their viability; provide connections to a network of solar industry experts, fabricators, and developers; and connect entrepreneurs with the investor community to help solar businesses and technical solutions scale.
No deadlines for this competition have been formally announced at this time. Applicants are encouraged to preregister using the program website to receive notifications about submission guidelines. 

Department of Energy
Data Science for Discovery in Chemical and Materials Sciences
Application Deadline: May 15, 2019
The Department of Energy Office of Science program in Basic Energy Sciences announces its interest in receiving new applications in Data Science for Knowledge Discovery for Chemical and Materials Research with the aim of advancing the use of modern data science approaches (artificial intelligence, machine learning, graph theory, uncertainty quantification, etc.) to accelerate discovery in chemical and materials sciences. Pre-applications are required and due March, 8, 2019.

Department of Energy
Application Deadline: May 29, 2019
The focus of H2@Scale is to enable affordable and reliable large-scale hydrogen generation, transport, storage, and utilization in the United States across multiple sectors. Concept papers are required and due April 8, 2019.
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Fellowships, Awards, and Internships
Aaron Siskind Foundation
Individual Photographer's Fellowship
Application Deadline: May 31, 2019
This program offers a limited number of grants for artists working in photography and photo-based art.
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University
Belfer Center Fellowships
Application Deadline: January 15, 2017
The Center offers both pre-doctoral and post-doctoral research fellowships for one year and seeks applications from political scientists, lawyers, economists, those in the natural sciences, and others of diverse disciplinary backgrounds. 
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Resident Fellowship Program
Application Deadline: March 31, 2019
The program offers research stipends for promising and established visiting western scholars. Scholars research, write, and develop ideas and manuscripts that expand the horizon of western studies. Fellows may pursue field research in the Cody area (i.e., the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem or the Big Horn Basin and Mountains) or work in the collections of the McCracken Research Library or one of the Center's five museums.
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International Research Collaboration on Drug Abuse and Addiction Research (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)
This announcement encourages collaborative research applications on drug abuse and addiction that (1) take advantage of unusual opportunities that exist outside the United States to access talent, resources, populations, or environmental conditions in other countries that will speed scientific discovery; (2) describe how the research will significantly advance U.S. health sciences; (3) demonstrate specific relevance to the NIDA mission and objectives; and (4) include an investigator from a U.S. institution and a non-U.S. citizen partner living and working in another country.

Standard and AIDS application dates apply. See solicitation for details.
Adapting USAID's Democracy, Rights, and Governance Programming to Better Address Global Trends and Challenges
This BAA seeks participants to co-create, co-design, co-invest, and collaborate on research and development interventions to improve delivery of democracy, human rights, and governance programs given the growing global challenges of closing civic and political space, disillusionment with democracy, violent extremism, the digital revolution, demographic and migration trends, among others.

This BAA will be open until May 3, 2019.
USAID Growth through Nutrition Activity
Application Deadline: March 21, 2016
The purpose of this program is to provide technical support to Government of Ethiopia agencies and other partners to implement well-coordinated, multi-sector nutrition interventions with the goal of reducing malnutrition in Ethiopia. 

Law, Justice, and Human Rights

Department of Justice
Artificial Intelligence Research and Development to Support Community Supervision
Application Deadline: May 13, 2019
This opportunity seeks proposals for innovative, investigator-initiated technology research and development projects to apply advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to promote the successful reentry of offenders under community supervision.
Department of Justice
Evaluation of Project Safe Neighborhoods
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019
This opportunity seeks applications for funding a multi-site evaluation of the Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program. PSN is a Department of Justice-sponsored initiative that involves cooperation of multiple criminal justice agencies and their partners working at the local level to develop and implement strategic responses to reduce gun crime.
Department of Justice
Evaluations of Services for Victims of Crime
Application Deadline: May 6, 2019
This opportunity seeks proposals for formative evaluations and evaluability assessments of victims of crime service programs. The program is interested in evaluations of different types of victim services including, but not limited to, programs embedded in hospitals/trauma centers; umbrella/network organizations; one-stop victim services programs; and/or programs embedded in criminal justice agencies.
Department of Justice
Investigator-Initiated Research and Evaluation on Firearm Violence
Application Deadline: April 29, 2019
This opportunity seeks applications for the funding of research and program evaluation projects that inform efforts to prevent and reduce intentional, interpersonal firearm violence and public mass shootings in the United States. The program will support scientifically rigorous research and evaluation projects designed to strengthen the knowledge base and produce findings with the high practical utility to improve public safety.
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Libraries and Museums

National Archives and Records Administration
Archives Collaboratives: Planning Grants
Application Deadline: April 4, 2019
This program seeks to establish Archives Collaboratives that will make collections from small and under-represented archives more readily available for public discovery and use. These Archives Collaboratives will share best practices, tools, and techniques among partners; assess institutional strengths and opportunities; and develop plans and management structures for long-term sustainability and growth.

Initial planning grants will be for grantees to develop a working collaborative of three or more partners and to develop a mission, work plan, and timeline for the project.
National Archives and Records Administration
Digital Edition Publishing Cooperatives
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019
This program requests applications from teams that will develop technical and human infrastructures to support the digital publication of documentary and scholarly editions and provide for their long-term preservation, discovery, and use.
National Archives and Records Administration
Publishing Historical Records in Documentary Editions
This program seeks proposals to publish documentary editions of historical records. Projects may focus on broad historical movements in U.S. history, such as politics, law (including the social and cultural history of the law), social reform, business, military, the arts, and other aspects of the national experience, or may be centered on the papers of major figures from American history.

The next two application deadlines are June 12, 2019, and October 3, 2019.

Life Sciences

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality
Large Research Projects for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (R01)
This announcement invites applications for grant funding to conduct large research projects focused on combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 

Standard application dates apply. See solicitation for details.
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation
NIH Funding Initiative
The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) is considering financial assistance for relevant grant applications that were submitted to the National Institute on Aging or the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and were scored but not funded. Proposals that fall within the ADDF's current funding priorities for drug discovery, clinical trials, biomarkers, and prevention will be considered.

Rolling Deadline
Department of Energy
Genomics-Enabled Plant Biology for Determination of Gene Function
Application Deadline: May 17, 2019
The Department of Energy Office of Science program in Biological and Environmental Research (BER) hereby announces its interest in receiving applications focused on genomics-based research and technological innovation that will lead to transformative approaches to determine and validate gene function.This funding opportunity solicits applications for systems biology research on plant genomes, gene systems, and molecular processes within the DOE BER mission-space of research in bioenergy and the environment. Pre-applications are required and due March 13, 2019.
Department of Energy
New Bioimaging Approaches for Bioenergy
Application Deadline: May 20, 2019
The DOE SC Biological Systems Science Division in Biological and Environmental Research (BER) hereby announces its interest in receiving applications to support fundamental research towards enabling new bioimaging approaches to achieve an advanced understanding of plant and microbial systems relevant to bioenergy research. Pre-applications are required and due April 4, 2019.
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Limited Submission Competitions

Brain Research Foundation
2019 Fay/Frank Seed Grant Program
The purpose of this program is to provide start-up money for new research projects and innovative programs that have the potential of becoming competitive for an NIH grant or other external funding sources. The Brain Research Foundation's goal is to have this initial effort succeed in opening future opportunities for research, collaboration and scientific advancement. To be eligible, the PI must be a full-time Assistant or Associate Professor working in the field of neuroscience.

Letter of Intent and Biosketch due January 8, 2019. Invited full proposal due March 27, 2019. An institution may submit only one Letter of Intent per round of competition. As a result, ORED is conducting a limited competition to determine which Letter of Intent will be put forward on behalf of UNL. Faculty wishing to compete in the limited competition must submit a notification of intent by the deadline listed below.

If you are interested in developing a proposal in response to this funding opportunity, please complete a notification of intent to submit by October 22, 2018. For more information regarding the internal selection process, visit or contact Tisha Mullen,, (472-2894).

Department of Energy
Energy-Water Desalination Hub
Application Deadline: May 7, 2019
The U.S. Department of Energy announced $100 million to establish an Energy-Water Desalination Hub to address water security issues in the United States. The Hub will focus on early-stage research and development for energy-efficient and cost-competitive desalination technologies including manufacturing challenges, and for treating non-traditional water sources for multiple end-use applications. Concept papers are required and due February 7, 2019.

An entity may only submit one Concept Paper and Full Application for this opportunity.

If you are interested in developing a proposal in response to this funding opportunity, please complete a notification of intent to submit by January 7, 2019. For more information regarding the internal selection process, visit or contact Tisha Mullen,, (472-2894).

Department of Energy
Low Temperature Plasma Science Centers and Facilities
Application Deadline: March 25, 2019
The Department of Energy Office of Science program in Fusion Energy Sciences is seeking proposals for centers and designated user facilities in low temperature plasma science and engineering. Pre-applications are required and due January 25, 2018.

No more than two applications (or pre-applications) will be accepted from a lead institution.

If you are interested in developing a proposal in response to this funding opportunity, please complete a notification of intent to submit by January 14, 2019. For more information regarding the internal selection process, visit or contact Tisha Mullen,, (472-2894).

Harpo Foundation
New Work Project Grants
The foundation considers proposals that directly support the production of new work by visual artists and/or collaborative teams who are under recognized by the field. This production may happen in the context of an installation, public intervention, residency, or exhibition. Required letters of inquiry are due April 12, 2019, followed by invited full proposals being due on June 7, 2019.

Presenting venues and hosting organizations may only submit one application a year, but fiscal sponsors may submit proposals on behalf of more than one artist a year.

If you are interested in developing a proposal in response to this funding opportunity, please complete a notification of intent to submit by March 11, 2019. For more information regarding the internal selection process, visit or contact Tisha Mullen,, (472-2894).

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Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Department of Energy
Collaborative Fusion Energy Research in the DIII-D National Program
Application Deadline: March 5, 2019
The Department of Energy Office of Science program in Fusion Energy Sciences hereby announces its interest in receiving grant applications for collaborative research in fusion energy science as part of the DIII-D national research program. The mission of the DIII-D program is to establish the scientific basis for the optimization of the tokamak approach to fusion energy production. Pre-applications are required and due January 15, 2019.
Department of Energy
Collaborative Research in Magnetic Fusion Energy Sciences on International Tokamaks
Application Deadline: May 9, 2019
This opportunity seeks applications from single institutions and collaborative teams to carry out experimental research in magnetic fusion energy sciences on international tokamak facilities. The program supports U.S scientific staff who work in collaboration with scientists overseas to explore critical science and technology issues at the frontiers of magnetic fusion research. Pre-applications are required and due April 4, 2019.
Department of Energy
High-Energy-Density Laboratory Plasma Science
Application Deadline: April 22, 2019
The Department of Energy Office of Science (SC) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Joint Program in High-Energy-Density (HED) laboratory plasmas has the following areas of interest: 1. HED Hydrodynamics; 2. Magnetized HED Plasma Physics; 3. Nonlinear Optics of Plasmas and Laser-Plasma Interactions; 4. Relativistic HED Plasmas and Intense Beam Physics; and 5. High-Z, Multiply Ionized HED Atomic Physics. Letters of intent are required and due March 21, 2019.
Department of Energy
Materials and Chemical Sciences Research for Quantum Information Science
Application Deadline: May 3, 2019
This funding opportunity supports fundamental research for public benefit in materials and chemical sciences to advance our understanding of quantum phenomena in systems that could be used for quantum information science, and the use of quantum computing in chemical and materials sciences research. Pre-applications are required and due February 13, 2019.
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NU-wide Funding Opportunities

University of Nebraska-Lincoln and University of Nebraska Medical Center
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (SEM) Initiative
Application Deadline: April 29, 2019
Applications are now open for the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Initiative, a joint program of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The goal of the seed grant program, launched in 2016, is to promote inter-institutional collaboration and strengthen teams' competitiveness for federal grants from agencies including the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Defense.

The 2019 competition will fund two UNL-UNMC teams, each of which will receive up to $100,000 over a two-year period for generation of preliminary data to support grant proposals for federal funding.
Core Facility Grant Program For New Users
This grant program is aimed at encouraging new users to employ NU core facilities in their research. The program is open to all faculty from any of the NU campuses. Awards are intended to be used to gather new or additional data for strengthening a grant proposal (new or re-submission) or for addressing reviewer concerns associated with a peer-reviewed manuscript.

Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please allow 2-3 weeks for review and decision on the proposal. No new award will made after May 1, 2019.

Social Sciences

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Economic Modeling for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB
Application Deadline: April 14, 2019
This notice of funding opportunity announcement is to support epidemiologic and economic modeling of disease transmission to facilitate prevention effectiveness of public health interventions and support state and local disease prevention efforts. Disease transmission and cost-effectiveness models are important tools that can provide information needed to make decisions regarding implementation and prioritization of interventions targeting HIV, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and school health.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Evaluation of Return to School Programs for Traumatic Brain Injury
Application Deadline: April 30, 2019
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) is soliciting investigator-initiated research that conducts rigorous evaluation research to assess the effectiveness of Return to School programs after traumatic brain injury of all severities (e.g., mild, moderate and severe) in children.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Research Grants to Identify Effective Strategies for Opioid Overdose Prevention
Application Deadline: April 8, 2019
The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control is soliciting investigator-initiated research that will identify effective strategies for state, community, and systems-level implementation to prevent fatal and nonfatal overdose from prescription and/or illicit opioids.
Department of Defense
United States Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences Foundational Science Research Unit FY19 Broad Agency Announcement for Basic Scientific Research
Application Deadline: July 12, 2019
This opportunity seeks applications that develop fundamental theories and investigate new domain areas in behavioral and social sciences with high potential impact on Army issues related to personnel readiness. In addition to looking for proposals that provide for programmatic efforts to develop and evaluate psychological and behavioral theory, the program strongly encourages applicants to propose novel, state-of-the-art, and multidisciplinary approaches that address difficult problems.
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Department of Energy
Commercial Trucks and Off-road Applications FOA: Natural Gas, Hydrogen, Biopower, and Electrification Technologies
Application Deadline: May 14, 2019
This opportunity seeks new and innovative research of technologies for trucks, off-road vehicles, and the fuels that power them. Topic areas include: 1) Gaseous Fuels Research and Technology Integration for Medium- and Heavy-duty Vehicles; 2) Battery Electric Heavy-duty Freight Vehicles; 3) High Throughput Hydrogen Fueling Technologies for Medium- and Heavy-duty Transportation; 4) High-durability, Low Platinum Group Metal Membrane Electrode Assemblies for Medium- and Heavy-duty Truck Applications; and 5) Energy Efficient Commercial Off-road Vehicles. Concept papers are required and due March 29, 2019.
Department of Transportation
Aviation Research and Development Grants
Application Deadline: December 31, 2019
Department of Transportation
FY19 High Priority Program Innovative Technology Deployment (HP-ITD)
Application Deadline: April 26, 2019
This opportunity supports innovative and impactful projects that  reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses. Funding is available for the support of innovative projects that improve safety and compliance with commercial motor vehicle (CMV) regulations, are national in scope, demonstrate new technologies, and reduce the number of CMV crashes.

UNL Funding Opportunities

Office of Research and Economic Development
Biomedical Research Seed Grants
The goal of this program is to enhance the competitiveness of faculty submitting grant proposals requesting R01 grant support for biomedical research funding from the National Institutes of Health. 

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis at any time. 
Office of Research and Economic Development
Revision Awards
This program is designed to enhance the competitiveness of faculty revising and resubmitting grant proposals by providing developmental and/or financial support to help improve highly meritorious, but previously unfunded federal funding proposals that are eligible for resubmission.

Applications for Revision Awards are accepted on a rolling basis.

Visiting Scholar