Disruptive Questions and Productive Tensions: What Can Social Scientists Bring to Teams Seeking Equity?

Julia McQuillan
Willa Cather Professor of Sociology

Nov. 3, 2021, 3:30-5 p.m. ● Register for virtual Lecture with Live Q&A
Email questions for McQuillan to unlresearch@unl.edu.

We cannot solve grand challenges in isolation nor by excluding any stakeholders. Grand challenges are characterized by intersecting systems, including those that involve humans. Therefore, to make meaningful progress, we will need to combine many perspectives, kinds of expertise and skills. Making connections across disciplines, communities and stakeholders will bring strengths and challenges to our teams.

Describing insights from prior team efforts that sought to make progress on challenging problems, this talk will describe how social science insights about what we take for granted, who benefits from various approaches, and how do we know if we know what we need to know, will bring tensions, disruptions, and unease that are nevertheless useful for equitable outcomes.