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Soft Robot Could Improve Colonoscopies

For most people, the thought of a colonoscopy evokes dread. It’s invasive. It’s uncomfortable. And it’s pricey, costing several thousand dollars. Nebraska researchers aim to change that. They hope that replacing the traditional colonoscope with a more patient-friendly robotic device encourages more people to have the procedure, considered the Cadillac of colorectal cancer screenings. The […]

Cyber Barriers Keep Vehicles on Course

The day when cars routinely warn each other of impending crashes is near. Yet half of all traffic deaths involve a lone vehicle running off the road. To help reduce single-vehicle crashes, Nebraska computer engineer Mehmet Can Vuran and his team, experts in barrier design, vehicular networking and vehicle automation, are developing cyber barriers that […]

Improving Road and Railway Safety

Freight trains and trucks crisscrossing the Plains are a familiar sight. Less visible is what’s inside — some of that freight is hazardous. With shipping expected to increase nearly 50 percent by 2040, improving rail and truck transportation safety is critical. Hazardous material transportation is just one focus of a five-year, multiinstitutional program Nebraska is […]