Research at Nebraska 2019-2020 Report

Drone Images Offer Remote Teaching Solution

The College of Architecture looked to the sky for the answer when it needed a way for students to complete their final design projects in the spring.

Instructors worked with University Communication photography director Craig Chandler to use drone technology to capture location images in an iconic alleyway between two well-known buildings in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket.

Typically, students would have done an in-person site inventory and analysis before design concepts or proposals began. Instead, Chandler took videos and still pictures of the area.

Students used the drone content to work on a threshold development project that encompassed the vertical and horizontal landscape and field conditions connecting the site’s spaces and their environment in a meaningful way.

“This collaboration is the true definition of synergy,” instructor Ernesto Sanchez Andrade said. “Craig Chandler’s imagery really helped elevate the content we deliver our students to the next level.”

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