From left: Matthew Newman, mechanical research engineer; Benjamin Terry, associate professor of mechanical and materials engineering; Max Wheeler, instructional technician, and Jerry Reif, shop manager, Innovation Studio; Dr. Chad Duval, emergency physician, Nebraska Emergency Medicine; Tamara Silcott, aerospace medical technician, Nebraska Air National Guard; Dr. Steven Wirth, dentist, Optimal Dental; Grace Panther, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering; Hunter Flodman, associate professor of practice, chemical and biomolecular engineering; and Dr. Keely Buesing, associate professor of surgery, University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Graphic with N and 'In Our Grit, Our Glory' text

2019-2020 Report | Representing Nebraska’s Research Heroes

About the Cover

During a pandemic, working together means being physically apart. For Craig Chandler, director of photography, visually representing the work required extraordinary creativity.

Team photos presented the greatest challenge. For the cover image and others, Chandler photographed each person individually while following stringent health and safety protocols. With help from graphic designer Rob Cope, the photos were stitched together to create one seamless image.

This composite represents essential workers in the Lincoln community and faculty and staff tackling COVID-19 projects. The background is Nebraska Innovation Studio, which has produced and distributed over 200,000 gallons of hand sanitizer and other supplies.

Research at Nebraska 2019-2020 Report