Kathleen Lodl


When it comes to writing a successful grant proposal, the time-worn cliché rings true – the devil is in the details.

But sometimes, says Kathleen Lodl, associate dean and professor of Nebraska Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, these all-important project details fall by the wayside as researchers scramble to assemble the project team and develop the proposal content. To clear that hurdle, Lodl relies on the services provided by UNL’s Office of Proposal Development (OPD).

“With OPD, we don’t have to worry about that (project administration),” Lodl says. “With their assistance, we can focus on the development of content and creative ideas.”

OPD staff members don’t just take the reins on project management, she says. They also apprise her of relevant funding opportunities, improve the content and clarity of her proposal narratives, and provide assistance with figures and graphics in order to deliver an outstanding package to the funder. This support leaves Lodl free to focus on the innovative and intellectual dimensions of her proposals.

“What happens for the project team is that, because of OPD’s services, working on a proposal is a more creative process,” she says. “It’s less stressful.”