N UNL Research Report 2012-2013
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Research Highlights

Surprising Mosaic Discovery Yields Insights

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A massive mosaic unearthed in Turkey by a UNL team is providing new insights about the Roman Empire’s reach and cultural influence during the third and fourth centuries AD. UNL’s Michael Hoff, Hixson-Lied Professor of Art History, directs the archaeological excavation. The meticulously crafted, 1,600-square-foot mosaic of decorative handiwork was part of a Roman bath. Hoff said it’s surprising to find a mosaic of this size and caliber in the area. It demonstrates the empire’s strength in this far-flung region. “We’re beginning to understand now that it was more Romanized, more in line with the rest of the Roman world than was suspected before.” Hoff leads a team of students and scholars from UNL and other U.S. and Turkish universities, as well as local residents and colleagues from Atatürk University working on the project.

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