Core Facility Grant Program for New Users

This grant program is aimed at encouraging new users to employ University of Nebraska core facilities in their research. The program is open to all faculty from any of the NU campuses. Awards are intended to be used to gather new or additional data for strengthening a grant proposal (new or resubmission) or for addressing reviewer concerns associated with a peer-reviewed manuscript.


Any faculty member (assistant, associate or full professors and equivalent-rank researchers) employed by any University of Nebraska campus is eligible to submit funding applications if they (or students/staff within their research group) have not used a specific core facility (or new technology platform within a core) during the last two fiscal years (2017-2018, 2016-2017) and who require these services to generate data to support new/resubmitted grants or resubmitted/revised manuscripts. Existing core users that request the same technologies/services from other cores (for example, standard electron microscopy on a different campus) are not considered new users.

Application Process

Applications must be submitted electronically via Text-only form fields include the following:

  • Application title
  • PI contact information and scientific role(s)
  • Co-PIs (if any; up to four); Name, campus affiliation and scientific role(s)
  • Rationale and objectives of the proposed project (300-word maximum)
  • Experimental plan
    • Description of the facility services to be used (300-word maximum)
    • Explanation of how data will be used:
      • A new grant submission;
      • A grant resubmission; or
      • A manuscript resubmission.
    • Estimated frequency of future use (not including the current application) and an explanation for how any future use would be funded.
  • Justification for Funding Request
    • “Specific Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for which you intend to respond within 12 months of the core facility user grant award”
      • If this justification is selected, the following questions are displayed:
        • Funder name
        • Title of program (funding opportunity)
        • Anticipated date of submission
    • “Specific FOA and reviews from a grant that was declined and for which you intend to reapply”
      • If this justification is selected, the following questions are displayed:
        • Funder name
        • Title of program (funding opportunity)
        • Original submission date
        • Anticipated date of resubmission
    • “Manuscript declined/needs revision and peer reviews call for additional data”
      • If this justification is selected, the following questions are displayed:
        • Title of manuscript
        • Title of publication (journal, book, etc.)
        • Date reviews (decline/revision decision) received
        • Anticipated date of re-submission

File Uploads

After the narrative form is completed, applicants will be prompted to upload their supporting
documentation (based on application justification selection):

  • Declined grant reviews (single PDF file)
  • Declined/needs revision manuscript reviews (single PDF File)
  • Detailed quote for the core services (required for all applicants)
  • Two-page biosketch using either the standardized National Science Foundation or National Institutes of Health formats

After all steps are complete, the applicant will be prompted to submit the application.
For more information about campus cores on any campus or applications for this program, please
contact your campus’ research office.

UNK: Richard Mocarski (
UNL: Deb Hamernik (,
UNMC: Paula Turpen (,
UNO: Sara Myers (

UNL Core Facility Information:
UNMC Core Facility Information:

The maximum request is $5,000 per core facility and a total of $9,000 per new user if more than one
core facility is to be used.


Proposals will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Please allow two to three weeks for review and
decision on the proposal. Note that funds must be used by June 30, 2019; no new award will be made after May 1, 2019.


If awarded, funds will be provided to the core and can only be used for services as outlined in the quote submitted and approved for award. “Excess” funding cannot be redirected to other uses. Faculty who do not submit or re-submit the applicable grant proposal or manuscript within one year after receipt of a Core Facility User Grant will not be eligible for any internal funding program (Nebraska Research Initiative, University of Nebraska Foundation, Banker’s, Tobacco Settlement, campus/college-specific programs, etc.) for a period of two years (submitting a different manuscript or grant proposal will be permissible if the resulting core facility data necessitates a change in direction). Faculty with summary statements from reviewed but unfunded grant submissions where reviewers recommend additional preliminary data involving a core facility will have the highest priority.

Eligible UNL core facilities:

Eligible UNMC core facilities

  • Advanced Microscopy
  • Bioimaging (small animal MRI)
  • Bioinformatics
  • Electron Microscopy
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Mass Spec./ Proteomics
  • Mouse Genome Engineering
  • Nanoimaging
  • Next Generation DNA Sequencing
  • NMR
  • Protein Structure (AA / N-terminal sequencing)


Proposals will be reviewed by core directors in conjunction with the Office of Research on each campus where the cores reside. In addition to merit and the proposal content, the review will include criteria based on the ability of core facility services to satisfy the goals and objectives of the project and the track record of the principal investigator. Campus affiliation will not be a review criterion. Funding decisions will be announced on a rolling basis two to three weeks after submission. Funding decisions will be administered at the campus level; awards are subject to approval by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost at the University of Nebraska.

Post-award Reporting

PIs will be required to submit a brief impact report using the site by Dec. 31, 2019. The PI report will request information on core facility use and grants/publications submitted. These grants/publications must acknowledge support from the Nebraska Research Initiative (unless the award letter indicates funding from an alternate source or the grant application/publication does not allow such acknowledgements). Campus research offices will be responsible for providing any requested financial data; core facilities will report use-data in conjunction with their normal reporting cycle.