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Research Highlights

Program Targets Human Biology

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diamond mcquillan wood

From left: Judy Diamond, Julia McQuillan and Charles Wood

A new science education program ‒ Biology of Human ‒ will help the public, particularly young people, better understand recent biomedical research that has transformed scientific understanding of human biology. With a $1.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health’s Science Education Partnership Award, the University of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History and UNL researchers are teaming to create educational materials for use nationwide. Judy Diamond, the museum’s curator of informal science education, leads the project in collaboration with Charles Wood, Lewis Lehr/3M Professor of Biological Sciences and Nebraska Center for Virology director, and Julia McQuillan, sociology department chair. They’re working with nationally known science writer Carl Zimmer, multimedia developers and others to create the materials, such as comics, essays, interactive apps and a website.

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