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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Office of Research & Economic Development

Climate Change Workshop 2008

Climate Change Faculty Retreat 2008

Sustainability in a Time of Climate Change:

Developing an Intensive Research Framework for the Platte River Watershed and the High Plains

In May 2008, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the U.S. Geological Survey partnered to present a conference exploring the potential impacts of climate change on the Platte River Watershed and Northern Great Plains. About 150 people attended the May 21 conference in North Platte. Before the conference, more than 80 UNL faculty and USGS personnel learned about each other's research during a two-day workshop tour of research sites in the Platte Valley and Sandhills.

Follow-up: As they become available, abstracts from field research presentations made during the tour and conference presentations will be added to this site along with photos and other information. Check back to view the latest additions.

A report summarizing Climate Change 2008 workshop and conference activities will be available on this site when it is completed.

Purpose: The workshop, conference and follow-up are part of a broader effort to establish a research partnership among University of Nebraska–Lincoln, the U.S. Geological Survey and key regional stakeholders to address these issues. The long-term goal of this research partnership is to create an integrated, real-time knowledge base and climate change response system.

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