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Information to enhance your success at UNL | UNL Office of Research | Oct. 2015

Dates & Deadlines 

Oct. 9: Deadline for Research Council Awards

Oct. 12: NURAMP, Managing Contracts, Whittier Research Center

Oct. 14: NURAMP, Research Responsibility, Whittier Research Center

Oct. 15-16: Educational Neuroscience Conference, Wick Alumni Center

Oct. 20: NURAMP, Communicating with the Public about Research, Whittier Research Center

Oct. 22: First of six NU FEWS + Conversations, time/place to be announced

Oct. 22: NURAMP, Award Administration, Whittier Research Center

Oct. 27: Nebraska Lecture, Shane Farritor, “Making for Innovation,” Nebraska Innovation Campus

Oct. 27: NUgrant Basics, Proposal Routing, Whittier Research Center

Oct. 27: NUgrant Basics, Submitting IRB Protocols, East Union

Oct. 28: NURAMP, Working with Industry; Commercializing Research, Nebraska Innovation Campus

Oct. 29: NURAMP, Using and NSF FastLane, Whittier Research Center

Nov. 4: NURAMP: NIH Public Access Policy and NIH ACCESS, Whittier Research Center

Nov. 10: Fall UNL Research Fair, Nebraska Union

Nov. 11: EHS Fall Safety Colloquium, “Protective Apparel for Laboratory Safety” – 2 sessions, Nebraska Union (a.m.) & East Union (p.m.)

Nov. 13: Deadline for Arts and Humanities Research Enhancement Program proposals

Nov. 13: Deadline for Layman Award proposals

Nov. 17: NUgrant Basics, Proposal Routing, Whittier Research Center

Nov. 17: NUgrant Basics, Submitting IRB Protocols, Nebraska Union

Dec. 11: Deadline for Pathways to Interdisciplinary Research Centers phase 1 planning grants

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