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Top Sponsored Programs & Awards 

Top Sponsored Programs and Awards

The following list includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more awarded to UNL between Sept. 16, 2014, and Oct. 31, 2014, as reported through NUgrant.

4-H State Office/Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies
K. Lodl, T. Durden
Department of Agriculture
Childcare and Youth Training and Technical Assistance Project

Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
M. Balschweid, K. Harms, J. Wilkerson
Nebraska Soybean Board
Market Journal 2015

Biological Process Development Facility
W. Buchholz, S. Johnson
Amunix Operating Inc.
Tech Transfer, Scale Up, and GMP Production of XTEN

Center on Children, Families and the Law
V. Weisz
Supreme Court of Nebraska
Nebraska Administrative Office of Probation Services

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
B. Pytlik Zillig
Northwestern University
TEI Simple: Towards an Amenable TEI

Dean’s Office for Cooperative Extension/Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Entomology/Department of Plant Pathology/Panhandle Research and Extension Center/School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences/Southeast Research and Extension Center
R. Koelsch, J. Bradshaw, M. Cortinas, K. Glewen, T. Jackson-Ziems, A. Jhala, S. Kamble, C. Ogg, R. Wright
Department of Agriculture
Nebraska Extension Implementation Program

Department of Agricultural Economics
C. Walters, B. Lubben
Department of Agriculture
Northern Plains Regional Farm Business Management and Benchmarking Partnership

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
G. Graef
Nebraska Soybean Board
Soybean Breeding and Genetic Studies for Nebraska

Department of Biochemistry
E. Cahoon
Colorado State University
Sustainable Biofuel from the Great Plains to the Semi-Arid West: Improved Germplasm for Camelina Oilseed

O. Khalimonchuk
National Institutes of Health
Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Quality Control and Protection

Department of Biochemistry/School of Biological Sciences
C. Wood
National Institutes of Health
Programs in HIV and AIDS-associated Diseases/Malignancies

Department of Biological Systems Engineering/West Central Research and Extension Center
M. Riley, N. Frecks, S. Nielsen
Department of Agriculture
Nebraska AgrAbility 2014-2018

Department of Civil Engineering/Department of Chemistry
B. Dvorak, R. Lai, C. Ray
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Water Innovation Network for Sustainable Small Systems (WINSSS)

Department of Civil Engineering/Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering
C. Tuan, L. Nguyen
Department of Transportation
Conductive Concrete for Airfield Heated Pavement Construction

Department of Electrical Engineering
Y. Lu
Department of Defense
Diamond Coating Adaptive to Substrate Materials Using a Diamond-Composite Buffer Layer

Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
J. Huang
Department of Energy
Developing Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar Cells

Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Department of Electrical Engineering
R. Williams, L. Perez
RTLS-Scan, a Tool for the Automated Collection of Space Utilization Data

Department of Psychology
R. Wiener
Department of Justice
Therapeutic Jurisprudence and Probationer Decision Making: A Social Cognitive Model

Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction/Department of Educational Psychology
L. Wang, J. Bovaird, J. Lau, C. Waters
Environmental Protection Agency
Evidence-based Interactions between Indoor Environmental Factors and Their Effects on K-12 Student Achievement

Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools
T. Ihlo
Nebraska Department of Education
Nebraska Multi-Tiered System of Support Implementation Support Team

School of Biological Sciences/Department of Biochemistry/Nebraska Center for Virology
C. Wood, P. Angeletti, V. Minhas, J. West
National Institutes of Health
Cancer Research International Training and Intervention Consortium (CRITIC)

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