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From the Vice Chancellor 

Take advantage of Research Fair’s offerings


Prem S. Paul

Our 15th Research Fair is coming soon with a great mix of topics covering everything from film and emerging media to how to increase diversity in STEM research.

Research Fair begins with a special event Nov. 16-17. column break“Movies & Beyond: Connecting Digital Creativity Across Disciplines” is a faculty retreat to explore the creative intersections of film and emerging media with design, journalism, computational thinking, technology, science and other disciplines. The retreat is hosted by UNL’s Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film, which has an exciting opportunity to envision a future that will draw on the talents of faculty and students from many disciplines.

This retreat adds a new dimension to our efforts to encourage transdisciplinary work. I see many possibilities for science, engineering and other disciplines to benefit from new ways of telling the stories of our work and visualizing results to make them understandable to diverse audiences. It also provides potential opportunities to strengthen the broader impacts of your research for NSF funding. Read more about the retreat elsewhere in Research News.

Research Fair continues the week of Nov. 17 with something for everyone. Faculty entrepreneurs will be interested in a panel discussion about the Nebraska Innovation Fund; a panel of experts on Department of Defense funding will share their knowledge; a rural education expert will share his thoughts; and additional panels will address ways to increase diversity in STEM research and engage with the Lincoln Public Schools faculty to collaborate on effective broader impact programs for NSF proposals. These are just a few of the events – see the complete Research Fair schedule for details.

And, as always, I have the privilege of bragging about your contributions at the Research Fair Faculty Recognition Breakfast, which is being reinvented this year as a Faculty Recognition Lunch. So those of you who like to sleep in have no excuse for missing the event this year!

I encourage each of you to attend as many sessions as possible. This is a great way for us to come together, exchange ideas and have fun. But a serious purpose underlies the fun. Increasing our research funding continues to be the No. 1 goal of our Research and Economic Development Growth Initiative. Our funding is on the rise again and we need to take advantage of every opportunity.

I recently learned that in the next year the National Science Foundation is going to strongly emphasize fundamental research at the intersection of food, water and fuel. UNL has great strength in this area, drawing on the work of faculty from many disciplines. This is an example of an opportunity that we must be ready to aggressively pursue and capitalize on.

My thanks to all our speakers from UNL, the federal and state agencies, industry and the Lincoln Public Schools for generously sharing their knowledge and experience at Research Fair. I hope to see you there!


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