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UNL Office of Research  Feb. 2015
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Enhanced Funding Announcements launches soon

UNL faculty seeking funding opportunities soon will have an enhanced resource to keep them informed.

Funding Announcements, a weekly electronic newsletter, is available to all UNL faculty and staff who subscribe. Produced by the Office of Proposal Development, the newsletter features external funding opportunities offered by public and private sponsors. It’s also a good source of information about internal funding opportunities and limited submission competitions. more …

Nebraska-Kansas Consortium exploring how light interacts with matter

UNL physicists Anthony Starace, Martin Centurion and Herman Batelaan lead UNL’s work with the Nebraska-Kansas Consortium, funded by NSF EPSCoR.

UNL physicists, from left, Anthony Starace, Martin Centurion and Herman Batelaan lead UNL’s work with the Nebraska-Kansas Consortium, funded by NSF EPSCoR.

Observing what happens in one-trillionth of a second – the opening moves in photosynthesis, for example – requires precision and extremely fast devices. UNL physicists are expanding their experimental and theoretical arsenals to help unlock the mystery of how light interacts with matter.

Their discoveries will broaden understanding of how light interacts with atoms, molecules and nanostructures. These findings could one day lead to devices that convert light energy more efficiently, such as improved solar technology and computers that perform calculations far faster than currently possible. more …

From the Vice Chancellor

Innovative thinking helping to expand UNL research


Prem S. Paul

Another semester is off to a fast start and I can feel the energy around campus. In my interactions with faculty I am hearing from teams planning to pursue new funding opportunities and meeting others whose work is expanding UNL research in innovative directions. This is the kind of thinking that is putting our research expenditures back on an upward trajectory, and it’s what ORED wants to encourage.

At our Interdisciplinary Research Faculty Retreat last May at Nebraska Innovation Campus, we unveiled the Big Ideas Seed Grant Program. Our goal with the program is to encourage new interdisciplinary teams to form around big ideas – the kind of teams and projects that can compete for major grants of $3 million or more at NSF, NIH, USDA and other agencies. We’ve held two competitions and made awards to date totaling $200,000. In the first competition, one accelerator grant was awarded and four teams won planning grants. In the recent competition, six teams received planning grants and four teams who submitted accelerator grant pre-proposals were invited to submit full proposals. See the full list of Big Ideas Grants recipients elsewhere in Research News. more …

News & Notes

Nebraska Lecture to focus on Higgs boson

Dan Claes

Dan Claes

The Higgs boson – often dubbed the “God particle” for its potential to explain the fundamental fabric of the universe – has captured scientists’ attention for decades. The April 8 Nebraska Lecture will examine the Higgs boson’s significance in understanding matter and how UNL researchers contributed to its discovery. more …

Register for Feb. 26 seminar on core research facilities

Philip Hockberger

Philip Hockberger

The importance of core research facilities and how to effectively manage them is the topic of a Feb. 26 luncheon seminar presented by Philip Hockberger, executive director of research facilities at Northwestern University. The seminar is at noon in the Nebraska Union Regency Suite.

UNL faculty and staff who use or administer core facilities, or serve on their advisory committees, are encouraged to attend this event, hosted by the Office of Research and Economic Development. Registration is required.

Hockberger is responsible for developing, maintaining and advancing Northwestern’s state-of-the-art facilities that are essential to its research mission. He will discuss what he has learned overseeing core facilities and provide tips on instrumentation and technical support.

Hockberger holds degrees in chemistry, biological sciences and neuroscience, and gives lectures across the country on issues related to shared equipment and facilities and related partnerships.

Research Council seeking Nebraska Lecture nominations

The UNL Research Council is soliciting nominations of faculty to present Nebraska Lectures in 2015 and 2016. Nominations are due March 2. more …

Community-campus session April 23

Faculty and staff are encouraged to save the date for the 2015 Community-Campus Connector, an event designed to give UNL’s research community an opportunity to network with local community-based organizations. more …

Competition open for Biomedical Research Seed Grants

Applications are open for the Biomedical Research Seed Grant program, an internal funding opportunity that aims to enhance the competitiveness of UNL grant proposals for Research Project Grant (R01) funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Most biomedical research proposals require evidence of prior work or preliminary data. Through this program, the Office of Research and Economic Development provides seed funding for UNL faculty to pursue preliminary research or data collection to strengthen their proposals. more …

Farewell reception for Kurt Preston

A reception for Kurt Preston, associate vice chancellor for research, will be at 3:30 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Whittier Research Center, Room 152. Faculty, staff and students are invited to attend. more …

ORED Invaluable Service Awards

University staff members who provided invaluable service to the Office of Research and Economic Development during 2014 were honored at the office’s annual staff recognition luncheon. more …

Top Tip

Watch and Learn

The National Council of University Research Administrators’ YouTube® Tuesdays provide short (2- to 3-minute) informational videos on various topics involving research and grants. more …


Recent awards, recognition and accomplishments by UNL faculty for research, scholarly and creative endeavors. We highlight faculty accomplishments in each issue of Research News. Let us know about yours by emailing more …

Top Awards

The following list includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more awarded to UNL between Nov. 1, 2014, and Jan. 31, 2015, as reported through NUgrant, UNL’s electronic research administration system. more …

Internal Funding Awards

Research Resources

Grant writing seminar slated March 20

“Write Winning Grant Proposals,” a free grant writing seminar to help UNL faculty prepare successful proposals, is March 20, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the Nebraska East Union. more …

New biosketch requirements

Faculty submitting grant applications to the National Institutes of Health and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will be required to use a new biographical sketch format beginning May 25.

The new format is designed to provide more latitude for applicants to describe the magnitude and significance of their scientific contributions, including publications, and provide more detailed information about their research experience in the context of the proposed project. more …

NURAMP workshops start March 17

The NURAMP (Research Administration Management Program) workshop series will be offered again in spring 2015, starting March 17. Dates, details and registration information about these free workshops are available on the NURAMP website. more …

Researchers invited to test new NSF biosketch system

Researchers are invited to test and provide feedback on a new method for automatically generating National Science Foundation biographical sketches. Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is a new electronic system that helps researchers assemble the professional information needed in applying for federally funded research. more …

NSF implements FastLane changes

The National Science Foundation recently implemented changes in FastLane to support the revised Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide and to run additional automated compliance checks on proposals. more …

Advanced microscopy, bioimaging workshop March 24

An Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Technology workshop for faculty, postdocs and students will be March 24. more …

Colloquium focuses on safety culture

Creating a healthier, safer workplace is the focus of the UNL Environmental Health and Safety spring colloquium. Researchers, principal investigators, safety committee chairs, department heads and deans are encouraged to attend. more …

New policy for pathogens

A new UNL policy requires researchers to submit an inventory of all pathogenic agents, those in both active use and long-term storage, to Environmental Health and Safety. Agents include collections of human, animal or plant pathogenic microorganisms and biological toxins. more …

Feb. 24: NUgrant Basics: Proposal Routing, Whittier Research Center

Feb. 26: Core Research Facilities Seminar, Nebraska Union

March 2: Deadline to nominate Nebraska Lecture speakers

March 17: NURAMP, Intro to Research Administration, Whittier Research Center

March 20: Grant Writing Seminar, Write Winning Grant Proposals, East Campus Union

March 24: Advanced Microscopy and Bioimaging Technology workshop, Beadle Center

March 25: NURAMP, Proposal Preparation, Whittier Research Center

March 31: NURAMP, PARs and Effort Reporting, Whittier Research Center

March 31: NUgrant Basics: Proposal Routing, Whittier Research Center

April 1: Deadline to submit letter of intent, Biomedical Research Seed Grant Program

April 7: NURAMP, Data Management Plans, Whittier Research Center

April 8: Nebraska Lecture, “What the Heck Is a Higgs boson?” Nebraska Union

April 9: NURAMP, Budget Development, Whittier Research Center

April 14-15: Spring Research Fair, Nebraska Union

more …

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