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Top Sponsored Programs & Awards 

The following list includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more awarded to UNL between Jan. 16, 2013, and May 1, 2013, as reported through NUgrant, UNL’s electronic research administration system.

4-H State Office/Dean’s Office for Cooperative Extension
K. Lodl, D. Ulferts
Noyce Foundation
Click2SciencePD Prototype Phase

K. Geisinger, T. Chin, A. Romhild
Florida Department of Education
Audit of Florida Statewide Assessment Programs 2013-14

Center for Digital Research in the Humanities/Department of English
K. Price
National Endowment for Humanities
Walt Whitman as an Author before Leaves of Grass

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
K. Amundsen, R. Shearman
Native Turf Development Group
Seeded Buffalograss Development

K. Amundsen
U.S. Golf Association
Buffalograss Breeding, Evaluation & Mgmt for Golf Course

T. Clemente
United Soybean Board/SmithBucklin
Testing Replacement of Fishmeal and Fish Oil in Seriola Rivoliana (Kona Kampachi) Diet with Soy-Based Protein and Oil

D. Krull, R. Ferguson
Central Platte NRD
Managing Irrigation Systems Today & Tomorrow

S. Mackenzie
Understanding MSH1 Developmental Reprogramming

Department of Agronomy and Horticulture/Department of Computer Science and Engineering/Department of Statistics
H. Walia, A. Lorenz, A. Samal, D. Wang
National Science Foundation
Physiological and Genetic Mechanisms Underlying Salt Tolerance in Rice across Developmental Stages

Department of Biological Systems Engineering
A. Pannier
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Nanostructured Thin Films for Substrate-Mediated Gene Delivery

Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
K. Van Cott
Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals
Structural Characterization of GMP Products from a New Bioprocess

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
A. Sarma
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Conflict Minimization in Distributed Software Development

Department of Food Science and Technology
R. Goodman
Pioneer Hi-Bred
In Vitro IgE Testing of a Biotech Soybean Event LEPI 2800

Department of Mathematics
R. Rebarber, G. Ledder
National Science Foundation
REU Site: Nebraska REU in Applied Math

Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering
L. Gu
National Science Foundation
CAREER: Bridging Cellular-level Changes to Vascular Tissue Response to Reveal Basic Mechanisms of Restenosis

J. Huang
Department of Defense – Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Highly Sensitive, Low Cost Organic Photodetector-based Photomultiplication

J. Huang
National Science Foundation
Room-Temperature Operation Single-Photon Detectors Based on Nanoparticle Super-Gated Organic Field Effect Transistors

C. Nelson, S. Farritor
National Institutes of Health
Multifunction Robotic Tools for Natural Orifice and Single Incision Surgery

Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering/Department of Biological Systems Engineering
C. Nelson, G. Bashford
National Science Foundation
REU Site: Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Biomedical Devices at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences/Cooperative Extension Dean’s Office
W. Koszewski, L. Boeckner, K. Lodl
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP-ED)

Department of Physics and Astronomy
E. Tsymbal
University of Wisconsin
DMREF: Multifunctional Interfacial Materials by Design

D. Umstadter, S. Banerjee, S. Chen
Department of Energy
Laser Synchrotron X-Rays with Femtosecond-Temporal-  and Angstrom-Spatial-Resolution

P. Dowben, C. Binek
University of Minnesota
Voltage-Controlled, Low-Power Nonvolatile Spintronic Memory

E. Tsymbal
Semiconductor Research Corporation – Nanoelectric Research Corporation
Center for NanoFerroic Devices

D. Cotton
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Institute of Youth, Family and Community Administration Discretionary and Reimbursement Extension

School of Biological Sciences
A. Atkin
National Science Foundation
Mechanisms that Protect Transcripts from Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay

H. Cerutti
National Science Foundation
Small RNA-Mediated Translation Repression in Chlamydomonas

S. Smith
National Science Foundation
Evolution and Diversification of Red Flowers: Testing the Macroevolutionary Causes of Rarity

School of Biological Sciences/Center for Plant Science Innovation
P. Blum, H. Cerutti
National Science Foundation
REU Site: Bioenergy Systems

School of Biological Sciences/Department of Entomology/Department of Mathematics
B. Tenhumberg, H. Chirakkal, L. Meinke, B. Siegfried
Evaluating Integrated Resistance Management Strategies in Variable Environments

OTHER Top Sponsored Programs & Awards

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