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Quad charts promote faculty research to DoD

quadchartFaculty members interested in Department of Defense research are invited to develop and submit quad charts, which essentially are one-page summaries describing their research interests and direction.

The Office of Research and Economic Development will use these charts to inform DoD officials and others about specific UNL research ideas and interests. Their first use will come during a mid-June visit to UNL by Stephen Lee, chief scientist for the Army Research Laboratory, which includes the Army Research Office.

A quad chart is a letter-sized page divided into four sections describing the concept, goals, research cost and schedule, along with a photo or illustration. DoD and some other federal agencies use quad charts to communicate research ideas quickly to technical and administrative officials, said Kurt Preston, associate vice chancellor for research.

Quad charts are welcome from faculty members in any discipline who are conducting research that may have potential relevance for DoD. Quad charts will be accepted any time, but must be submitted by June 3 to be considered for inclusion in the portfolio for Lee’s visit.

To begin building a quad chart, download the UNL quad chart template, which is in PowerPoint. In developing a quad chart, Preston recommends considering these questions about your proposed project:

  • What are you trying to do? (Articulate your objectives using no jargon.)
  • What is the problem? Why is it a difficult challenge?
  • How is it done today? What are the limits of current practice?
  • What’s new in your approach? Why do you think it will be successful?
  • Who do you think cares?
  • If you succeed, what difference will it make? What’s the potential impact? How will it be measured?
  • What are the risks and payoffs?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • How will progress be measured?

Completed quad charts should be emailed to Ember Welsch, research administrative technician, Office of Research and Economic Development. After review, quad charts will be placed in a UNL Research Portfolio and shared with visitors and other officials.

For additional information about quad charts, contact Preston, (402) 472-4107, or Marc Warburton, director, defense research initiatives, (402) 312-1075.

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