Last Name First Name Department Competition
Douglass Matthew Anthropology Grant-in-Aid
Fritz Dana Art and Art History Grant-in-Aid
Griffin June English Grant-in-Aid
Katz Wendy Art and Art History Grant-in-Aid
Lin Yijia Finance Grant-in-Aid
Peterson Nora Modern Languages and Literature Grant-in-Aid
Pfister Damien Communication Studies Grant-in-Aid
Pilson Diana Biological Sciences Grant-in-Aid
Reisbig Allison Child, Youth and Family Studies Grant-in-Aid
Wonch Hill Patricia Sociology Grant-in-Aid
Yu Jifeng Management Grant-in-Aid
Barker Bradley 4-H State Office Faculty Seed Grant
Chai Weiwen Nutrition and Health Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Christensen Alan Biological Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Cress Nipper Cynthia Special Education and Communication Disorders Faculty Seed Grant
Morin Stephen Chemistry Faculty Seed Grant
Pierobon Massimiliano Computer Science and Engineering Faculty Seed Grant
Weber Karrie Biological Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Yang Yaoqing Computer and Electronics Engineering Faculty Seed Grant
Yu Bin Biological Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Zhang Chi Biological Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Adams Krista Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education Interdisciplinary Grant
Ahn Changbum Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction Interdisciplinary Grant
Bartelt-Hunt Shannon Civil Engineering Interdisciplinary Grant
Hallen-Adams Heather Food Science and Technology Interdisciplinary Grant
Moriyama Hideaki Biological Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant
Sinitskiy Alexander Chemistry Interdisciplinary Grant
Abel Marco English Visiting Scholar
Burnett Amy History Visiting Scholar
Guo Jiantao Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Li Hui Chemistry Visiting Scholar
McLear Colin Philosophy Visiting Scholar
Vegso Roland English Visiting Scholar
Bloom Kenneth Physics and Astronomy Distinguished Lecturer
Heitman Carolyn Anthropology Distinguished Lecturer
Brank Eve Psychology Symposia