Research Council Awards 2012-2013

Lead PI Department Category
Blanco Canqui, Humberto Agronomy and Horticulture Interdisciplinary Grant
DeLong, John School of Biological Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant
Franco Cruz, Rodrigo School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant
Gu, Linxia Mechanical & Materials Engineering Interdisciplinary Grant
Houston, Adam Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant
Zempleni, Janos Nutrition and Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Grant
Calkins, Chris Animal Science Faculty Seed Grant
Erdogmus, Ece Durham School of Architectural Engineering and Construction Faculty Seed Grant
Guretzky, John Agronomy and Horticulture Faculty Seed Grant
Harris, Steven Center for Plant Science Innovation Faculty Seed Grant
Li, Yusong Civil Engineering Faculty Seed Grant
Moreau, Regis Nutrition and Health Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Ramer-Tait, Amanda Food Science and Technology Faculty Seed Grant
Riekhof, Wayne School of Biological Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Stevens, Jeffrey Psychology Faculty Seed Grant
Su, Qiaozhu Nutrition and Health Sciences Faculty Seed Grant
Wood, Jennifer Animal Science Faculty Seed Grant
Abel, Marco English Grant-In-aid
Adams, Gerard Plant Pathology Grant-In-aid
Athanassopoulos, Effie Anthropology Grant-In-aid
Bai, Jaeil Chemistry Grant-In-aid
Douglass, Matthew Anthropology Grant-In-aid
Kauffman, Douglas Educational Psychology Grant-In-aid
Lawrence, Susan History Grant-In-aid
Nam, Yunwoo Community and Regional Planning Program Grant-In-aid
Noureddini, Hossein Chemical  and Biomolecular Engineering Grant-In-aid
Pegg, Mark School of Natural Resources Grant-In-aid
Reimer, Jamie School of Music Grant-In-aid
Rutledge, Gregory English Grant-In-aid
Thompson, Jeffrey Art and Art History Grant-In-aid
Turner, John Classics and Religious Studies Grant-In-aid
Wishart, David Geography – SNR Grant-In-aid
Abel, Marco English Visiting Scholar
Becker, Edward Philosophy Visiting Scholar
Bicknell-Holmes, Tracy Libraries Visiting Scholar
Casullo, Albert Philosophy Visiting Scholar
Chang, Ann School of Music Visiting Scholar
Christensen, Alan School of Biological Sciences Visiting Scholar
Du, Liangcheng Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Dussault, Patrick Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Fuller, Adam Mathematics Visiting Scholar
Katz, Wendy  Art and Art History Visiting Scholar
Ledder, Glenn  Mathematics Visiting Scholar
Levin, Carole Medieval & Renaissance Studies Visiting Scholar
Li, Xu  Civil Engineering Visiting Scholar
McKitrick, Jennifer  Philosophy Visiting Scholar
Stains, Clifford  Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Vegso, Roland English Visiting Scholar
Zhang, Jian  Chemistry Visiting Scholar
Cahan, David  History Dist Lecturer
Holz, Rosemarie Women’s and Gender Studies Dist Lecturer
Knoche,, Lisa Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families and Schools Dist Lecturer
Lynch, Thomas English Dist Lecturer
Stenberg, Sharisse English Dist Lecturer
Jewell, Andrew Center for Digital Research in the Humanities Symposium