Department COVID-19 Updates:
COVID-19 Research Planning UNL IRB COVID-19 response

LAST UPDATED: June 4, 2021

All in-person human subjects research protocols, under the auspices of UNL, were allowed to resume activities. Research personnel are expected to follow all University policies and guidance or relevant federal guidance regarding performance of in-person research protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition, personnel are working to transition back to on campus presence and face-covering requirements have also now been revised. UNL researchers who are working in-person with human subjects should be following the below best practices/requirements: 

This webpage has been developed to provide information to the UNL Human Subjects Research Community regarding COVID-19 related questions as it impacts current UNL IRB operations.  

We are continually monitoring any updates from the UNL COVID-19 Task Force. In addition, please ensure you are also reviewing the Office of Research & Economic Development’s COVID-19 research planning website. Overall, Principal Investigators (PIs) should prioritize the health and safety of human subjects when deciding how to move forward with research activities. It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator, including faculty advisors for student research, to ensure all necessary changes and/or guidance is known and implemented accordingly to ensure the health and safety of researchers and research subjects.

If there are any questions related specifically to your research and how it impacts your project, please contact the UNL IRB at or contact Rachel Wenzl, RCS Associate Director, at 402-472-8196.