Authorship & Data Retention

Authorship Guidance

The ethical conduct and reporting of research is a vital component for the public trust in and funding of academic research. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln(UNL) is committed to providing an environment that supports the research, teaching, and service activities of its faculty, students, and staff. As a matter of principle and practice, the University encourages all members of the University community to publish their articles, books, and other forms of scholarly communication in order to share openly and fully their findings and knowledge with colleagues and the public. Scientific and scholarly publications, such as books, articles, abstracts, presentations at professional meetings, and grant applications, provide the main vehicle to disseminate findings, thoughts, and analysis to the scientific, academic, and lay communities.

At the same time, the benefits of authorship are accompanied by a number of responsibilities for the proper planning, conducting, analysis, and reporting of research, and acknowledging the content and conclusions of other scholarly work. As members of the academic community, it is the responsibility of UNL faculty, staff and students to help protect these fundamental elements of the scientific and scholarly process.

This document is intended to provide guidance, foundational information and a uniform approach to UNL PI’s and research personnel for responsible research authorship at UNL.


Data Guidance

Those involved in research activities at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) have certain rights and responsibilities with respect to research data. All data from sponsored or non-sponsored research activities must be recorded, maintained and made accessible in a reasonable and responsible manner by the Principal Investigator (PI) and research personnel and in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and University requirements.

This document is intended to provide guidance to UNL PI’s and research personnel regarding research data ownership and the standards for the collection, retention, and destruction of data, in addition to requirements for data access. This also provides guidance with respect to transfer of research data in the event a researcher leaves UNL.


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