Internal Funding Opps Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I can’t find my application in NUgrant. What should I do?

Ensure that you are looking under the internal competitions module of NUgrant by checking the title in the upper left hand corner. It should read “Internal Competitions Application”.

If the deadline for the opportunity for which you are applying has passed you will not be able to view your application for editing and, therefore, will not be accessible within NUgrant.

Q. Who should I contact for assistance?

For questions regarding Office of Research funding opportunities and Research Council funding opportunities, contact Mari Greer (, 472-2851)

For questions regarding Agricultural Research Division funding opportunities, contact Joyce Ore (, 472-7082)

If you are experiencing a technical issue with NUgrant, contact Peter Stewart (, 472-3017)

Q. I don’t know my NUgrant account information. What do I do?

Your NUgrant account credentials are the same as your Blackboard credentials. If you do not know your Blackboard credentials contact the UNL Help Desk (, (402) 472-3970 or toll-free (866) 472-3970. Only the Help Desk can provide you with your credentials, the NUgrant support team does not have access to this information.

Q. I have external collaborators? How do I include them in the application?

Since individuals outside UNL are not able to sign-off on the application within NUgrant, it is best to indicate the participation of external collaborator(s) through letters of support from the individual(s) appended to the project description. These letters will not count against the page limit for the project description. Faculty from other NU campuses are considered external collaborators and, therefore should be listed in this way.

Q. How do I include a list of my current and pending funding?

All current and pending external projects that have been entered into NUgrant will be auto-populated to a form within NUgrant. You will have the opportunity to add additional funding applications, which may not appear in the list.

Q. What’s the difference between key personnel and other investigators?

Other investigators are individuals who are responsible for the design, implementation and analysis of the project. Key personnel are individuals who serve as collaborators, provide services or consultation. perform supporting functions to assist in the execution of the project, such as consultants or individuals.

Q. Am I limited to the number of opportunities for which I can apply?

Applicants may apply for one opportunity from the Research Council funding opportunities and one opportunity in the Office of Research Funding opportunities per funding cycle. Applicants are not limited in the number of applications for ARD funding opportunities.

Q. May I receive a Research Council Award and an ORED award?

No. Applicants may receive either one Research Council award or one Office of Research award per funding cycle, not awards from both pools of funding opportunities simultaneously.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of awards I may receive?

Applicants for Office of Research awards may receive 2 awards within a 4-year span. The same limitation applies to Research council awards.

Q. What are the application selection criteria?

Applications are judged on scientific or scholarly merit, the importance of the funding to the applicant’s success, the potential of the application to lead to external funding or important scholarly work, and the appropriate use of funds as outlined in the budget.