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Nutrition and Health Sciences

Research hones in on health care barriers for Yazidi community

June 24, 2022

Lincoln is home to the largest population of Yazidi refugees in the United States, numbering in the thousands. Among them is Husker Falah Rashoka, who served the United States Army in Iraq. Now, as a doctoral student in nutrition and health promotion at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, he’s turned a research lens toward helping his community overcome barriers to health care.



Study examines life satisfaction when men and women perceive infertility

June 24, 2022

A Nebraska researcher has studied how perceived inability to have children can affect life satisfaction among men and women.


Food Science

Microbiologists’ work adds to research on microbiome fungi and childhood disease

June 24, 2022

Researchers’ study of the human microbiome has lagged in considering the impact of fungi on the human gastrointestinal tract. That is changing, thanks to a team that includes two Nebraskans.


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