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Biological Systems Engineering

Pannier says ‘future is so bright’ for gene therapy

November 18, 2022

Development of vaccines for COVID-19 in 2020 was a huge step forward for 150-plus years of genetic research and has set the stage for an explosion of medical therapies that could save countless lives.

Angie Pannier, Swarts Family Chair of Biological Systems Engineering, delivered the Nebraska Lecture on Nov. 17, laying out the history of her field and both the challenges and promises ahead.


College of Journalism and Mass Communications

Jones wins the Faculty Research and Creative Activity Slam

November 16, 2022

Valerie Jones, Seaton Distinguished Professor of advertising and public relations, was voted the winner of the 2022 Faculty Research and Creative Activity Slam.


Nebraska Innovation Campus

NUtech Ventures announces 2022 Innovator Awards

November 16, 2022

NUtech Ventures hosted its 2022 Innovator Celebration on Nov. 14, part of Nebraska Research Days. The annual event featured this year’s Innovator Awards, which recognize university personnel and companies who are developing and commercializing cutting-edge research from Nebraska.


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