May 3-5, 2009    |    University of Nebraska-Lincoln    |    Lincoln, Nebraska
A discussion of the current issues and challenges in the use of water for agriculture

About the Conference

At a time when agriculture is being asked to produce more food for a growing population, our water supplies are challenged and a changing global climate holds unknown risks. We must grow more food with less water.

A critical need has emerged for an organization with a global perspective and the expertise in many disciplines to conduct research focused on the management of water as an essential factor in ensuring a reliable food supply and sustainable quality of life.

To meet this need, the Global Water Institute at the University of Nebraska is envisioned as an international center for research, education and policy on the use of water for agriculture.

The Future of Water for Food Conference, will promote dialogue among experts from around the world to identify key issues in the use of water for agriculture and to explore how a new Global Water Institute could promote world-wide collaboration to address these issues.

We invite you to participate and to register to attend this important event. Click here to register.

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