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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Director


The following related publications may be downloaded as PDF's here and the lab page can be viewed via this link.

Longitudinal Associations Between Executive Control and Developing Mathematical Competence in Preschool Boys and Girls, Caron A. C. Clark, Tiffany Sheffield, Sandra A. Wiebe, and Kimberly Espy

Executive control and dimensions of problem behaviors in preschool children, Kimberly Espy, Tiffany Sheffield, Sandra A. Wiebe, Caron A. C. Clark, and Matthew J. Moehr

Prenatal Tobacco Exposure: Developmental Outcomes in the Neonatal Period, Kimberly Andrews Espy, Hua Fang, Craig Johnson, Christian Stopp, Sandra A. Wiebe, and Jennifer Respass
A new nonlinear classifier with a penalized signed fuzzy measure using effective genetic algorithm, Julia Hua Fang, Maria L. Rizzo, Honggang Wang, Kimberly Espy, and Zhenyuan Wang

Viewing Preschool Disruptive Behavior Disorders and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder through a Developmental Lens: What We Know and What We Need to Know, Anil Chacko, Lauren Wakschlag, Carri Hill, Barbara Danis, and Kimberly Espy

Pattern Recognition of Longitudinal Trial Data with Nonignorable Missingness: An Empirical Case Study, Julia Hua Fang, Kimberly Espy, Maria L. Rizzo, Christian Stopp, Sandra A. Wiebe, and Walter W. Stroup

Age-related differences in reaction time task performance in young children, Sergey Kiselev, Kimberly Espy, and Tiffany Sheffield

Mathematics Deficiencies in Children with Very Low Birth Weight or Very Preterm Birth, H. Gerry Taylor, Kimberly Espy, and Peter J. Anderson

Short-term memory, working memory, and executive functioning in preschoolers: Longitudinal predictors of mathematical achievement at age 7 years, Rebecca Bull, Kimberly Espy, and Sandra A. Wiebe

Using confirmatory factor analysis to understand executive control in preschool children: I. Latent Structure, Sandra A. Wiebe, Kimberly Espy, and David Charak

Perinatal pH and neuropsychological outcomes at age 3 years in children born preterm: An exploratory study, Kimberly Espy, Theresa E. Senn, David A. Charak, Jill Tyler, and Sandra A. Wiebe

A bayesian multilevel modeling approach for data query in wireless sensor networks, H. Wang, H. Fang, K. A. Espy, D. Peng, and H. Sharif

Using confirmatory factor analysis to understand executive control in preschool children: I. Latent structure, S. A. Wiebe, K. A. Espy, and D. Charak

Working memory, executive functioning, and children's mathematics, R. Bull and K. A. Espy

Measuring the development of executive control with the Shape School, K. Espy, R. B. Bull, J Martin, and W. Stroup

Inhibitory processes in young children and individual variation in short-term memory, Kimberly A. Espy and Rebecca Bull

Assessment of Executive Function in Preschool-Aged Children, Peter K. Isquith, Jennifer S. Crawford, Kimberly Espy, and Gerard G. Gioia

A comparison of performance on the Towers of London & Hanoi in young children, R. Bull, K. A. Espy, and T. E. Senn

Using developmental, cognitive, and neuroscience approaches to understand executive control in young children, K. A. Espy

The Development of a Trial Making Test in Young Children: The TRAILS-P, Kimberly Espy and Mary F. Cwik

The Contribution of Executive Functions to Emergent Mathematic Skills in Preschool Children, Kimberly Espy, Melanie D. McDiarmid, Mary F. Cwik, Melissa Meade Stalets, Arlena Hamby, and Theresa E. Senn

Development of auditory event-related potentials in young children and relations to word-level reading abilities at age 8 years, Kimberly Espy, Dennis L. Molfese, Victoria J. Molfese, and Arlene Modglin

Executive function in preschool children: Examination through everyday behavior, P. K. Isquith, G. Gioia, and K. A. Espy

Using path analysis to understand executive function organization in preschool children, T. E. Senn, K. A. Espy, and P. M. Kaufmann

Effects of environmental measures on intelligence in young children: Growth curve modeling of longitudinal data, K. A. Espy, V. J. Molfese, and L. DiLalla

Incidence and correlates of breast milk feeding in hospitalized preterm infants, K. A. Espy and T. E. Senn

Effects of neurobehavioral assessment on feeding and weight gain in preterm neonates, T. E. Senn and K. A. Espy

"Getting into the mouths" of preschoolers: A method for obtaining buccal samples for later genotyping, K. A. Espy and A. F. Hamby

Individual differences in the development of executive function in children: Lessons from the delayed response and A-not-B Tasks, K. A. Espy and P. M. Kaufmann

Executive functions in preschool children born preterm: Application of cognitive neuroscience paradigms, K. A. Espy, M. M. Stalets, M. D. McDiarmid, T. E. Senn, M. F. Cwik, and A. Hamby

Confirmatory factor analysis of the Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function (BRIEF) in a clinical sample, G. G. Gioia, P. K. Isquith, P. D. Retzlaff, and K. A. Espy

New procedures to assess executive functions in preschool children, K. A. Espy, P. M. Kaufmann, M. L. Glisky, and M. D. McDiarmid

Chemotherapeutic CNS prophylaxis and neuropsychologic change in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: A prospective study, K. A. Espy, I. M. Moore, P. M. Kaufmann, J. H. Kramer, K. Matthay, and J. J. Hutter

Prenatal cocaine exposure and prematurity: Neurodevelopmental growth, K. A. Espy, D. J. Francis, and M. L. Riese

Cognitive consequences and central nervous system injury following treatment for childhood leukemia, I. M. Moore, K. A. Espy, P. Kaufmann, J. Kramer, K. Kaemingk, P. Miketova, N. Mollova, M. Kaspar, A. Pasvogel, K. Schram, W. Wara, J. Hutter, and K. Matthay

Neuropsychologic function in toddlers exposed to cocaine in utero: A preliminary study, K. A. Espy, P. M. Kaufmann, and M. L. Glisky

Executive functioning in preschool children: Performance on A-Not-B and other delayed response format tasks, K. A. Espy, P. M. Kaufmann, M. D. McDiarmid, and M. L. Glisky

Construct validity of the Continuous Recognition Memory test, K. L. Fuchs, J. H. Hannay, W. M. Huckeba, and K. A. Espy

The predictive use of event-related potentials in language development and the treatment of language disorders, D. L. Molfese, V. J. Molfese, and K. A. Espy

The Shape School: Assessing executive function in preschool children, K. A. Espy

Neurobehavior in preterm neonates exposed to cocaine, alcohol, and tobacco, K. A. Espy, M. L. Riese, and D. J. Francis

Validity of intelligence test scores in the definition of learning disability: A critical analysis, D. J. Francis, K. A. Espy, B. P. Rourke, and J. M. Fletcher

Comparisons of cutoff and regression-based definitions of reading disabilities, J. M. Fletcher, K. A. Espy, D. J. Francis, K. C. Davidson, B. P. Rourke, and S. A. Shaywitz

The above related publications may be downloaded as PDF's here and the lab page can be viewed via this link.