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University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

Dr. Kimberly Andrews Espy, Director


Event Related Potential Studies

We are interested in the neural representation of executive control across development. To this end, we conduct research where we record event-related potentials, that is, the electrophysiological activity of the brain related to mental processes while children play several computer games. This is achieved using non-invasive, child-friendly electrodes applied on the scalps of participants.

In one ongoing project, we examine the electrophysiological markers of inhibition (that is, the ability to suppress spontaneous responses) and emotion regulation (that is, the ability to control mild frustration) in preschool children.

In another project, we have collaborated with the Political Science Department to examine individual differences in executive control (e.g., attention, inhibition) and emotion processing among adults with differing political attitudes.

Study Contact:
Dr. John Garza