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Ideas abound at interdisciplinary retreat

Big ideas for research collaborations flew during formal discussions and casual conversations at the 2014 UNL Interdisciplinary Faculty Retreat.

More than 260 faculty and administrators brainstormed ideas for strategic interdisciplinary research, learned about each other’s work and heard from nationally recognized speakers during the May 15-16 retreat. The first official event at the new Nebraska Innovation Campus Conference Center brought together faculty from 56 disciplines. more …

New interdisciplinary funding opportunity targets ‘Big Ideas’

The Big Ideas Seed Grants Program – unveiled at the 2014 Interdisciplinary Faculty Retreat – aims to support new interdisciplinary research teams and help existing teams compete more successfully for large, collaborative grants.

“We’re building on the momentum generated at the retreat to foster highly competitive interdisciplinary teams that successfully pursue big ideas and big money for big research,” said Prem Paul, vice chancellor for research and economic development. “We think investing in our faculty’s collaborative ideas will pay dividends for UNL and help us achieve our research goals.”

The Office of Research and Economic Development will fund up to $500,000 in Big Idea Seed Grants during FY 2014-2015 to support interdisciplinary groups with preliminary or well-developed plans to pursue significant external research grants and contracts. more …

Glimpses at the faculty retreat

The retreat, held May 15-16 at Nebraska Innovation Campus, brought together more than 260 UNL faculty from a range of disciplines to learn about each other’s work and identify strategic interdisciplinary research areas. View the slideshow for a glimpse into retreat activities. more …

Travel, technology award winners

Twenty participants who filled their “networking passports” with signatures gathered during conversations with colleagues at the retreat won faculty travel research awards and faculty and postdoc technology research awards. more …

From the Vice Chancellor

Let’s build on interdisciplinary retreat success

Prem Paul

Prem S. Paul

I want to thank our faculty for making our recent 2014 Interdisciplinary Faculty Retreat such an incredible success. We had almost twice as many attendees as we have had in the past, and the level of excitement and engagement was just fantastic.

To have this kind of turnout at a time of year when I know our faculty members are anxious to get on with their summer plans and projects showed a true commitment to research and interdisciplinarity.

Our major goal for the retreat was to bring together faculty from many different disciplines to learn about one another’s work and identify strategic interdisciplinary research areas for UNL. We definitely accomplished the goal of bringing faculty together, with 263 attendees from 56 disciplines spending two days learning about their colleagues’ research, and we made a start toward defining some new research areas. more …

News & Notes

Addition expands virology center’s research capacity

Charles Wood, Ken Morrison, Harvey Perlman, J.B. Milliken and Prem S. Paul celebrate completion of the 30,000-square-foot addition.

Charles Wood, Ken Morrison, Harvey Perlman, Jim Pillen and Prem S. Paul celebrate completion of the 30,000-square-foot addition.

A recently completed addition to UNL’s Ken Morrison Life Sciences Research Center expands the Nebraska Center for Virology’s capacity to study plant, animal and human viruses.

An April ribbon cutting celebrated completion of the expansion. The new wing, north of the original structure on UNL’s East Campus, adds about 30,000 square feet to the existing 67,000-square-foot building. more …

CAREER award aids Lim’s obesity research


Jung Yul Lim

A type of stem cell that morphs into fat cells may hold secrets to reducing obesity, a major public health problem. A UNL engineer’s research to understand that process may one day lead to therapies to control obesity. more …

Li earns award to study antibiotic resistance


Xu Li

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a growing public health threat, infecting at least 2 million Americans each year and killing 23,000. A UNL engineer’s research to understand how bacteria and antibiotics interact in the environment may one day help reduce the danger. more …

Survey results help hone communications

Thanks to everyone who completed the Research News readership survey earlier this year, we better understand the sorts of information our readers consider most useful and how readers typically access the newsletter.

Results will help guide our efforts to communicate research-related news and information with our primary internal audience of research-intensive faculty and staff at UNL. As a result of the survey, we have refined our email list and delivery; are maintaining our focus on providing short “news-you-can-use” stories to support research success; and are working to make sure the Research News email, headlines and stories are easy to scan. more …

Highlights from spring semester events

View the slideshow for a quick snapshot of some Office of Research and Economic Development events for UNL faculty, staff and students. more …


Recent awards, recognition and accomplishments by UNL faculty for research, scholarly and creative endeavors. We highlight faculty accomplishments in each issue of Research News. Let us know about yours by emailing the information to more …

Top Awards

The following list includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more awarded to UNL between Feb. 1, 2014, and April 30, 2014, as reported through NUgrant, UNL’s electronic research administration system. more …

Internal Funding Awards

Research Resources

Pathways applications due June 6

The deadline for the latest round of funding applications in the Pathways to Interdisciplinary Research Centers competition is June 6. more …

New NIH policy allows multiple resubmissions

A new National Institutes of Health policy changes rules about submitting proposals multiple times.

Under previous rules, unsuccessful applications could be resubmitted only once. If that resubmission was not funded, subsequent submissions for the project had to demonstrate significant changes in scientific direction compared with previous proposals. more …

Submit your journal cover

UNL faculty, students and postdocs whose research has been featured on the cover of a recent academic journal are invited to submit information to the Journal Cover Gallery, a feature on the Office of Research and Economic Development website showcasing UNL research on the covers of peer-reviewed journals.

To submit a recent journal cover featuring your work, complete this form and provide a link to the journal’s

online edition. Also upload a high-resolution photo (300 dpi or higher) of the journal cover. Criteria:

  • at least one author must be UNL faculty, staff, student or postdoc;
  • journal must be peer reviewed; and
  • cover must illustrate your work.

For more information contact Liz Banset, learning and development coordinator, (402) 472-7003.

May 28 – NUgrant Basics: Proposal Routing, 152 Whittier Research Center

May 28 – NUgrant Basics: IRB Protocols, 152 Whittier Research Center

June 6 – Application deadline for Pathway to Interdisciplinary Research Centers, Phase 1

July 18 – Deadline for notice of intent to submit an application for Big Ideas Seed Grants

Aug. 15 – Deadline to submit concept papers for Big Ideas Seed Grants

Making News
The expertise and research, creative and scholarly activities of UNL faculty members often garner media coverage. University Communications highlights some of the national media attention for UNL faculty on its In the News website.

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