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Creative ideas fly at NU FEWS workshop

IMG_8636 Working together at the recent NU FEWS Scoping Workshop, UNL faculty from diverse disciplines generated creative ideas for research at the nexus of food, energy and water systems (FEWS). These ideas set the stage for the next step in a campuswide initiative to build innovative teams to tackle this research.

The Feb. 10 workshop drew more than 165 faculty to generate novel research questions at this nexus. Ideas ranged from rebranding GMO crops and creating a FEWS data platform to developing new technologies to change behavior and minimize food waste. more …

New UNL-UNMC SEM initiative kicks off with March 8 retreat

A March 8 faculty retreat will launch the new Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Initiative to expand collaborations between UNL and the University of Nebraska Medical Center faculty and strengthen competitiveness for federal funding. more …

UNL negotiates new F&A cost rates

UNL’s Facilities and Administrative (F&A) cost rates for indirect costs on all externally funded grants and contracts have changed.

UNL’s latest negotiated F&A agreement are effective immediately. Based on this agreement, the new rates for sponsored programs (externally funded grants and contracts) are: more …

From the Vice Chancellor

Partnerships key to keeping UNL research growing

Prem S. Paul

Prem S. Paul

This semester got off to a great start for me when a number of us from UNL were invited by U.S. Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney, commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, to visit the command. President Hank Bounds led the NU delegation, which also included administrators from UNO, UNK and UNMC.

We learned about USSTRATCOM’s mission capabilities and needs and discussed ways that we can partner to benefit both Nebraska and the nation. Our tour of USSTRATCOM’s new $1.2 billion headquarters under construction was impressive, but even more impressive is Adm. Haney’s dedication to building relationships with the university. He visited campus last August, met with faculty to learn about our research capabilities and is serious about finding ways we can work together. more …

News & Notes

Benson presents Nebraska Lecture

From studying an ever-growing range of diseases to launching a startup company, UNL microbiologist Andrew Benson has approached his career with guts.

At the spring Nebraska Lecture April 20, Benson will discuss what scientists are learning about gut bacteria and how deeply they affect how the body functions. Abnormalities in microbes that inhabit the gut make it harder for the body to fight infection and increase susceptibility to a wide range of diseases, including diabetes, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, allergies and perhaps even mental illness.
more …

Research Council seeks Nebraska Lecture nominations

The UNL Research Council is soliciting nominations for faculty to present a Nebraska Lecture in fall 2016 and spring 2017. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. March 7. more …

Qu working on smart transformer for next-generation power grid

2As solar panels and wind turbines proliferate, integrating these new energy sources into the nation’s power grid brings increasing challenges. A UNL engineer’s research is helping to create a new smart grid to enable a future of renewable energy. more …

Stains aims to improve college-level STEM education

1For decades, researchers have investigated how college students best learn science, but how faculty teach those students gets less attention. A University of Nebraska-Lincoln researcher is helping faculty become better instructors with the goal of improving students’ education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, collectively known as STEM. more …

Two more recent CAREER winners

Two additional UNL faculty, both chemists, recently were notified that they are receiving NSF CAREER Awards to support their research. We’ll feature full stories and photos about their research in the next issue of Research News. more …

Virtual Incision, others join NIC

Virtual Incision Corp., a faculty startup and the first medical supply company to partner with Nebraska Innovation Campus, will soon move into its new offices. Virtual Incision is developing miniaturized robots for abdominal surgical procedures. more ...

Water for Food Global Conference focuses on partnerships

The power of public-private partnerships will be the focus for the 2016 Water for Food Global Conference April 24-26 at Nebraska Innovation Campus. Registration is $250 for UNL faculty and staff who register before April 15. more ...

Staff honored for invaluable service to UNL research


Phil Bakken, Sara Frizzell, Matthew Dwyer, Kathy Pinkerton, John Wiltse and Meg Lauerman. Not pictured is David Clausen.

University staff members were recognized for invaluable service to UNL’s research enterprise and the Office of Research and Economic Development during ORED’s annual staff recognition luncheon.

Prem Paul, vice chancellor for research and economic development, presented the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Invaluable Service to Meg Lauerman, director of University Communications, and John Wiltse, associate general counsel for the University of Nebraska. more …


Recent awards, recognition and accomplishments by UNL faculty for research, scholarly and creative endeavors. We highlight faculty accomplishments in each issue of Research News. Let us know about yours by emailing more …

Top Awards

The following list includes all arts and humanities grants of $10,000 or more and all other grants of $200,000 or more awarded to UNL between Nov. 1, 2015, and Feb. 1, 2016, as reported through NUgrant, UNL’s electronic research administration system. more …

Internal Funding Awards

Research Resources

Grant writing seminar March 18

“Write Winning Grant Proposals,” a free grant writing seminar to help UNL faculty prepare successful proposals, is March 18, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in the Nebraska East Union. more …

NURAMP workshops start March 15

The NURAMP (Research Administration Management Program) workshop series will be offered again in spring 2016, starting March 15. Dates, details and registration information about these free workshops are available on the NURAMP website.

Workshops will be in Room 152 on the first floor of the Whittier Research Center, 2200 Vine St. Some sessions also will be available online via Adobe Connect. more …

RCR workshop in March

The National Institutes of Health requires Responsible Conduct of Research training for all undergraduate and graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who receive support through any NIH training or career development award, research education grant or dissertation research grant. more …

NSF CAREER workshop April 7

“Secrets to Winning NSF CAREER Awards,” a half-day interactive workshop for pre-tenure faculty, is slated for April 7. more …

NSF updates reporting requirements

The National Science Foundation recently updated its technical reporting requirements for annual, final and project outcomes reports. A detailed policy explanation is available on the NSF website. more …

Electrical safety is colloquium topic

A campuswide safety colloquium, “Electrical Safety for Everyone,” will be March 30. Kevin Booker, Nebraska’s chief state electrical inspector, will talk about electrical hazards and mitigation across all areas of UNL. more …

NSF updates policies guide

Recent major updates to the latest National Science Foundation’s Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide include enforcement of proposal deadlines, changes to documentation for collaborators and new biosketch requirements. more …

Fixing eyewash station safety issues

Problems with eyewash stations are among the most common findings in UNL Environmental Health and Safety’s laboratory safety surveys, cited 225 times in the last year alone. In almost all cases the problems are obvious and easily corrected. more …

UNL issues travel guidance regarding Zika virus

zik-world-map_active_02-03-2016_webUNL has issued a guide for faculty, staff and students who may be planning to travel to countries affected by the Zika virus.

The guide spells out the timeline of the virus’ spread, provides resources to learn about the virus and discusses prevention measures for those traveling to countries where the virus has been active.

As of Feb. 5, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an Alert Level 2, meaning travelers should practice enhanced precautions. more …

Feb. 25: NUgrant Basics, Proposal routing, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 2-23: Responsible conduct of research workshops, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 4: Deadline, Pathways to Interdisciplinary Research Centers – Phase I planning grant applications

March 7: Deadline, Nominations for the Nebraska Lectures: Chancellor’s Distinguished Lecture Series

March 8: UNL-UNMC SEM Initiative retreat, Embassy Suites, LaVista

March 11: Deadline, Visiting Scholar, Distinguished Lecturer and Symposia applications

March 15: NURAMP, Proposal preparation, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 17: NURAMP, Data management plans, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 18: Grant writing seminar, “Write Winning Grant Proposals,” Nebraska East Union

March 28: NURAMP, Budget development, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 30: NURAMP, Research responsibility, 152 Whittier Research Center

March 30: EHS Laboratory Safety Colloquium, “Electrical Safety for Everyone,” two sessions, Nebraska East Union and 112 Hamilton Hall

March 31: NUgrant Basics, Proposal routing, 152 Whittier Research Center

April 5: NURAMP, Managing contracts, 152 Whittier Research Center

April 7: NSF CAREER Workshop, location to be announced

April 7: NURAMP, Administering awards, 152 Whittier Research Center

April 12: NURAMP, NIH public access policy, 152 Whittier Research Center

April 12-13: Spring Research Fair, locations across campus more …

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