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EHS offers virtual safety manual

The Environmental Health and Safety Office provides a valuable tool to help supervisors and employees consolidate safety and compliance information available from EHS into a virtual safety manual that is specific to their work at UNL. Virtual Manual is available from the EHS website and allows the campus community to create a unique written safety manual that can be printed or stored electronically and accessed through the EHS website at any time.

Using the Virtual Manual takes the guesswork out of which regulatory requirements and safe operating procedures are relevant in a specific laboratory or other work area. The result is an online safety and compliance manual with content continually updated by EHS.

The manual’s content is customized through use of a simple assessment checklist to identify hazards specific to work or research in a particular workspace. The assessment can be completed in as few as 10 minutes and the questions require little or no prior safety or regulatory knowledge.

Lab managers are encouraged to complete the assessment to create a unique and up-to-date safety manual that ensures compliance with regulatory safety standards and general expectations of funding agencies. The manual also will help all workers to be more aware of potential hazards and appropriate risk mitigation measures.

For more information contact Brenda Osthus, director, Environmental Health and Safety, (402) 472-4927.


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