Certification of Full-Time Graduate Status

Part 1: Establish eligibility

Activate the request form by checking the boxes for statements that are true for you:

    1. If doctoral: My Application for Admission to Candidacy has been approved by Graduate Studies.
    2. If master's: I am in Option I and my Memorandum of Courses has been approved by Graduate Studies.

  • If you were certified full-time with this form, that counts.

  • Graduate Studies will approve your request only if/when you have enrolled for the specified number of hours in the specified term.

  • If you give an invalid address, your advisor will not receive our auto-generated email message with a link for approving your request.

Part 2: Request certification of full-time graduate status

Type carefully and use proper capitalization. This information, exactly as you type it here, will be sent to your advisor and to Graduate Studies and used to create an official document. Errors may prevent or delay your certification.


US status
Current academic objective

Example: Dr. Jane Smith
Enter 1 email address only, no other text.

This button will be activated when the checked boxes in the eligibility section indicate that you are eligible and prepared.

Part 3: What happens next

  1. When you submit this form your input will be stored and email messages will be sent:
    • To you: A confirmation message.
    • To your advisor: A link to click to approve or deny your request.
  2. When your advisor submits the form to approve or deny your request you will receive an email notification.
  3. If your request is approved by your advisor it goes to Graduate Studies for evaluation.
    • If Graduate Studies approves your request you will receive notification by email.
    • If you indicated that you are an international student the International Student and Scholar Office will receive a copy of the notification.