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Office of Graduate Studies

Graduate Credit for Undergraduate Students

About this credit

You can take up to 12 graduate credit hours in the last year of your undergraduate degree program. University policy establishes two ways to use those graduate credits.

  1. The credits may be used in completion of the undergraduate degree and placed on the UNL undergraduate transcript, if approved by your academic advisor. You will still be a member of an undergraduate college and you will be able to continue with any scholarship or financial aid awarded.
  2. The credits may be used toward completion of a graduate degree at UNL. They will not be used for completion of the bachelor's degree and the credit remains on the undergraduate transcript.

Use the form on this page to request approval for either option.

To use this form

  1. Determine which way you want to use the credits and consult an advisor accordingly.
    1. If credit is to be used for the undergraduate program, consult with your undergraduate academic advisor to be sure the credits taken are appropriate for you.
    2. If you want to hold the credit for the graduate program, consult with a graduate department/advisor to be sure the credits taken will apply to the prospective program. Taking these credits does not ensure admission to a graduate degree program.
  2. Find your instructor's email address.
    • Use the UNL Directory or NU Directory to look up an address. If no address is listed for your instructor, ask your instructor for his or her email address. If you provide an invalid email address in the form below, your instructor will not receive our approval link and will not be able to approve your request.
    • If there is not an instructor identified for the course you want to take, consult the department offering the course.
  3. Complete the form and await notifications as described below.

If you have questions about using the form, contact Jane Schneider.

Undergraduate Student's Request for Approval of Graduate Credit

Type carefully and use proper capitalization.
This information, exactly as you type it here, will be sent to your instructor and to the Office of Graduate Studies.

About You
Enrollment I am a UNL undergraduate student, registered through MyRED.
I am a UNO undergraduate student, registered through mavlink.
About the Graduate Course
Example: "Deborah Smith" or "Dr. Deborah Smith"
Use the UNL Directory or NU Directory to confirm.
Example: "CEEN 833" or "TEAC 803A"
Available in the Schedule of Classes.
If you find the combined code for a class — like "HIST 854-001 LEC (1234)" — the class number is the part in parentheses.
Transcript Level I want this course on my UNL undergraduate transcript.
Hold for graduate credit.
Submit Form
By submitting this form, I certify the following:
  • The information I have provided is complete and accurate.
  • I understand that any errors may prevent or delay approval of my request.

What happens next

  1. When you submit this form, your input will be collected and email messages will be sent:
    • To you: A confirmation message.
    • To your instructor: A link to click to approve or deny your request.
  2. When your instructor submits the form to approve or deny your request, you will receive an email notification.
  3. If your request is approved by your instructor, it goes to Graduate Studies for evaluation. If Graduate Studies approves your request, you will receive notification by email.