Graduate Recognition Award Nominations

The deadline for nominations has passed.

Refer to our award information page for deadlines and annual nomination schedules.

Before you begin

See Folsom and Graduate Studies Awards for deadlines, guidelines, and additional information.

Make sure you have the following:

  1. Your letter of nomination in plain text format, ready to be pasted into this form.
  2. An email address for the person you are nominating.
  3. If nominating for Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education: The name and email address of a graduate faculty member, a peer of the nominee, who agrees to compose and submit a letter of support before the deadline for supporting materials.

Valid email addresses are essential because submitting this form triggers an automated message to the nominee (and faculty peer if applicable), providing a unique link for completion of nomination materials.

Complete all nominations by 3:00 PM on Friday, March 30, 2018.

Graduate Recognition Award Nomination


Selecting an award will deactivate items below that are not relevant to your selection.

  • (for faculty)
  • (for students)
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(advisor, advisee, dept. chair, etc.)

Letter of Nomination

Length: Not more than 2 pages. We recommend that you compose your letter in a text document (with Notepad, TextEdit, MS Word, or similar software) and paste it into this form when it is complete.

This form accepts plain text only, so text formatting (bolding, centering, superscript, etc.) will be lost, and some special characters (symbols, foreign letters, etc.) may be lost or distorted.

Include a "signature" with your name, title, and department.
Graduate Faculty Peer

This person will be asked to write an additional letter of support.

What happens next

Supporting materials are required. As soon as this nomination form is submitted, the system sends email to the nominee (and the faculty peer, if applicable) with instructions and a customized link enabling submission of the required materials. These materials are collected as plain text (plus an optional supplemental PDF for images); no videos, binders, or other materials will be accepted.

Required for the Outstanding Graduate Research and Creative Activities Award:
  • Curriculum vitae: Two-page CV including descriptions of research and creative activities.
  • Summary of research or creative activity: One-page summary of research or creative activity accomplished as a graduate student at UNL, in non-specialist language. Optional: You may supplement this description with images in a PDF; email your PDF to Caroline Knuth.
Required for the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award:
  • Curriculum vitae: Two-page vitae including descriptions of any creative teaching materials developed, exceptional instructional responsibilities, or innovative instructional techniques used.
  • Statement of teaching philosophy: One page.
  • Summary of teaching evaluations: One-page summary of teaching evaluations from at least two courses or labs (both quantitative and qualitative).
Required for the Dean's Award for Excellence in Graduate Education:
  • Letter of support from a graduate faculty peer: Max. 1 page. Include a 'signature' with name, title, and department.
  • Mentoring statement: Statement describing the nominee's goals, methods, and accomplishments in mentoring graduate students, 1-2 pages.
  • Curriculum vitae: The nominee's current CV, 1-2 pages.

A nomination is incomplete until all required materials have been received by Graduate Studies. When making selections, the awards committee will consider only those nominations which are completed before the deadline.